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I feel like it has been forever since I talked about what is happening in my life currently! Hmm. Where do I begin?! Lots has happened over this summer – I got married to a handsome gent, we went to Bora Bora honeymoonin’ (see that post here), we bought a 1950’s house on a lake that we GUTTED and are doing a full remodel to, we are living with my new in laws, Leo is finally potty trained (which we will probably have to do all over again when we change his environment again and move into our new home).

Since I have already touched on our wedding & honeymoon, first I’ll tell you all about our remodel. We are living with my in laws – which most of you might say isn’t the most ideal thing RIGHT when you get married…but we are having tons of fun with them and are so thankful of them taking us in until our home is ready! We bought our “Lang Loveshack” back in April and since then seems like all we have been doing is tearing out more and more things. We were down to having no floors, no drywall, no electrical, and no plumbing. We have taken walls down to give it more of an “open” feel, and pushed our master bedroom a couple of feet to make it bigger…you know the necessary stuff right? No. We definitely made this a much bigger project than originally anticipated, but if you’re gonna do something, you might as well do it the way you want it! This past week our walls started going in, hallelujah! The hubs says we should be in around Thanksgiving time, but if you’re a wifey of a builder, you know to expect about three months after that as a realistic expectation. I cannot wait to show you guys some before and after photos once we are done!! And if any of you have some favorite places to shop for home decor, please send ideas our way! I am crazy excited to decorate our first home and am looking for some rad pieces to add to it 🙂 so email me, help!! 

Now onto married life. Different? Same? I get asked this all the time!! To be frank, I feel like I’ve been emotionally married to Al for awhile now so that part feels the same. We spent a lot of time together before, but we are now together nearly 24/7 which is actually the best. It really is living with your best friend and we have become so similar in some ways even over the past three months; I can only imagine how identical we will become over the years. We ‘fight’ better now which is nice – little arguments don’t draaaaaaag on…cause we know we are stuck together regardless. He keeps me grounded, reminds me to chat with Jesus, and never makes me question if I’m loved. Married life really is the best life. 

As for the rest of my life, nothing is too new at the moment! I am looking forward to the holiday season already and wanting to already start planning it since I am one of those crazy Christmas ladies. I’m eager to get some new blog content up, so please send me anything you would like me to post about!! I love your guys’ feedback! Have a great week xx 

images are taken by Jordan Voth (one of our engagement shoots I never got up on the blog!)
images are taken by Jordan Voth (one of our engagement shoots I never got up on the blog!)

I have also gotten so so many questions about the dress I wore in these! Unfortunately it is sold out everywhere, but it is one of my absolute all time favorite brands – For Love and Lemons. So I linked some of my current faves of theirs in the images below! (The white ones are perfect for all you bride-to-be’s!)


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  1. 9.28.16
    Cherie Lang said:

    You two only get more darling😘

  2. 9.28.16
    Lavenda said:

    Good luck on the house babe. These photos are sooooo good. Very sweet.

  3. 9.28.16

    you look stunning! congrats on the new marriage! such an exciting time in your life and I can’t wait to follow along on the remodel!

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