I Quit

Ok, now my title is a bit dramatic. But it got you here, right?! 

Yesterday was my last day at my job (I work(ed) at the BEST local salon), which made it a really tough decision and so hard to leave. I have been working there for 3 years and the girls there have become some of my favorite people, workout partners, and closest friends. I took leap of faith and decided to leave because I want to push myself in my own business endeavors and lose the ‘comfort’ that I am so used to having. Some of you may not think the same way as me, but making myself uncomfortable is the best way to personally push myself to work hard. With that said…

I am BEYOND EXCITED to finally announce that I am opening my own online clothing store, Shop KarlieRae!! This has been something that I have been talking and dreaming about for the past year but just couldn’t build up the courage and confidence to take the leap. But it is happening! And will be launching during March!!

What is Shop KarlieRae and why did I start it? My blog readers are really what initially inspired me to start my store. People are always asking about my personal style, where to shop for cute items that won’t break the bank, and asking for direct links to different things I’m wearing. My hope is that this shop is girl’s and women’s go-to place to look for unique and fun finds, most $50 or less. LOTS of less!! I hand pick every single item that I carry based on my personal style, and what I think my readers, now hopefully customers, will love. Each and every single piece are things that I would wear and do wear myself. (Side note, I just have to say I am forever grateful to have such an amazing, supportive, loving husband. He is my rock and my number one fan in all of this. He is actually who pushed me to start my blog 2 and a half years a go in the first place. I am blessed beyond words and cannot believe he is helping me make all this happen. It’s a crazy feeling to have a life partner that genuinely believes in you, pushes you and helps you!) Ok done 😉 but I just love that guy!!!! 

Another thing, make sure you sign up for my boutique’s newsletter! I will be sending out a discount code to my first 15 subscribers when my store goes live so they can get a discount on their first order! Also, being a newsletter receiver, you will continuously receive exclusive discount codes, be the first to know about new arrivals, and I will also have secret sales that only subscribers will know about! So don’t miss out!  Also I would appreciate your support on my shop’s other social channels Instagram here, Pinterest here, Facebook here, & Twitter here.

I feel so blessed & am so humbled at this opportunity to grow my own business and do something that I already LOVE so much. I appreciate you all being a part of my journey & for all the support ❤. Obviously although I am crazy excited, there are parts of me that feel nervous and intimidated & I’ve spent the past couple months convincing myself that I’m making the right decision. I stumbled across these quotes a couple weeks ago and they spoke to me and really validated my decision. “The things that excite you are not random. They are connected to your purpose, follow them.” “The biggest mistake people make in life is not trying to make a living at doing what they most enjoy.” “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” If you are at a crossroad similar to mine, hopefully these will speak to you too. They helped reignite my passion, drive, and motivation to make all this happen!! 

For all of you wondering (and I have been asked a million times by the people who know about my shop already), OF FREAKING COURSE I am going to keep blogging too! I love it beyond words and have been brainstorming my little heart out seeking new content to bring you guys! Lots more will come to my blog once my boutique launches and I get the hang of things!  Again, thank you for all the support! Hopefully you will all continue to follow along as I open a new chapter. Below are sneak peeks of 3 of the items Shop KarlieRae will be carrying! More sneak peeks to come!

I love you all!! Xx, Karlie  

Embroidered romper will be available for $47!
Embroidered romper will be available for $47!
Fringe sweater will be available for $32! 
Fringe sweater will be available for $32! 
Multi Stiped Tee will be available for $34!  
Multi Stiped Tee will be available for $34!  

Link to my store, HERE!


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  1. 2.26.17
    Mom said:

    Turning your passion into your job is much easier than finding a job that matches your passion! You go baby girl! I am so proud of you! Moon and Back! ❤️

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