I Want To Be A Mom Like My Mom

I want to be a mom like my mom. Yes, in the traditional ways – I want to work hard like my mom, love deep like my mom, inspire others like my mom, crave God like my mom, touch lives like my mom, be selfless like my mom. But something I really want, is for my future kids to look at me the way I look at my mom. When I look at my mom I see so much more than my mother. I see a built-in lifelong best friend. I see my number one fan. I see my rock & support system. I see genuine happiness. I see a role model. I see unconditional love. 

I am fully aware that a mother-child relationship like the one we have is rare. It’s a blessing straight from God & one that many don’t experience. And that is the terrifying part it it. But that’s the part that keeps me looking to her. To learn how to be my child’s best friend. To learn how to discipline when needed but love them through it. To learn how to trust them when they say that they aren’t happy where they are & to let them change their path. To let them love and be loved. To be a shoulder to cry on & the hardest laugh they’ve had in awhile. These are my years of learning just what it takes to be a mom like my mom. And someday, I hope my children can say the same about me. Not sure they’ll ever be able to love me the way I love you mama. Thank you for prepping me for what will someday be my favorite role I’ve ever had. 


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  1. 5.14.17
    Heather said:

    Okay tears 💛 Love you Sara!!

  2. 5.15.17
    Judy Kasper said:

    What a beautiful tribute to Your Mom, Karlie…it is so true and she is a great example of a Mom❤️

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