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I’ve been super excited to share this post with you guys!! I recently got in contact with YourOwnMaps thanks to a mutual friend who happens to be my fab cousin, Jordan! After being in contact with their co-owner and seeing what their company was all about, I couldn’t wait to share!

First, I’ll give you a little info on them. YourOwnMaps is a customizable map company, where you can choose any location in the world to get your own custom map of. I love the design that they use that keeps the maps modern and fresh and perfect for any space. You are able to choose the location, the color, all the text on the poster, and the size. A couple ideas that came to mind for a location to get a map of are your hometown or current city you live in, where you met your significant other or got married, your college, your favorite vacation/trip or honeymoon. Any place that holds a special place in your heart! These posters are perfect to put in a gallery wall or office space. Another cool idea I had is if you are a traveler, have lived in many places, or know someone who has, make yourself (or them) a gallery wall of all the cities you’ve or they’ve lived in. My best friend, Raquel, immediately came to mind for this!! She has lived in Seattle, Barcelona, Sydney, and now Denver, and I think a wall of maps of these cities would be amazing to have in her home!!

Now onto my poster. I spent almost an entire day trying to choose a location. Some ideas I had were obviously Seattle and Suncadia which is where we got married. Seattle was a little vague for me as I wanted something meaningful that we would keep around for a long long time, and Suncadia is kind of in the middle of nowhere so the map was a little too plain for me! I decided to wait until Alec got home to get his opinion since he is always better at this kind of stuff than I am. And of course he came up with the best idea!! He said to make the map a photo of the lake we live on. Now, we have only lived in our home here since February, but this lake is SO dear to our hearts. Al has lived on this lake since he was 10 years old, so he has really grown up with these waters and people as his backyard. His parents still live in the same home. My parents also just moved onto this same lake about a year and a half ago now, just a little ways down the street from his! At the time we bought our little house, we weren’t exactly looking for a new house, or for a house on the lake, the opportunity just kind of came up. I could see the happiness in Al’s eyes as they would light up when he would talk about having our first home on the lake he’s grown to call home.  THAT is what is important!! So we took some risks and spent the last year remodeling what we now call the Lang LoveShack 🙂  Driving down your street and passing your parents, siblings, and now tons of friends is the biggest blessing for us two. This lake community is one of my favorite things about life! We know we won’t live in our current home forever, and who knows if our next will be on the lake or not, (if not hopefully we will be back in a house or two haha), but this lake for us is home. I can see this map going with us into all our future houses, someday being out in Al’s shop where he can look at it and recall millions of memories. (I say that because his dad has huge photo memories out in his garage and I see so much of Al in his dad!! I can see it in his garage or shop already!)

Anyways, we love our new poster map, it’s meaning, and it helps that it looks so cool in our space! I also shared an example above, (last photo), showing you guys what it looks like if you choose a larger location like a city!! Tons of detail! YourOwnMaps gave me a discount code to share with you guys so you can all create your own, or give some awesome gifts – use code ‘KARLIE20’ at checkout for 20% off your entire order! Make sure to share photos with me of the maps you order and backstory behind your location!!

You can find:

Their website HERE

Their Instagram HERE

Happy Friday! Thanks for reading, I hope you guys have an amazing weekend!


Thank you YourOwnMaps for sponsoring this post!! All content and opinions are of course my own 🙂


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  1. 6.9.17
    Sarah said:

    I love your lake! Is it Black Diamond?

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