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So we are back from San Francisco and back to reality. It is always nice for me to get away, even just for a weekend, because I always seem to come back home re-inspired and ready to work! I have some exciting things coming up that I can’t wait to share with you guys, as well as a ton of new arrivals that will be hitting my store this week and next!! I am also going to be doing a couple posts on SF to share our experience with you guys and hopefully provide you with some tips if you are planning on visiting anytime soon so be on the lookout for those.

Now onto this look, I posted on my Instagram story awhile back now showing this top when I first got it in and got tons of questions about it and I was finally able to bring it to the blog! The best part about it, it’s only $19! It is from SheIn and I have gotten lots of messages asking my opinion about them, so I thought I’d clear up my opinion on here. When shopping at SheIn, you’ll notice that the prices are RIDICULOUSLY low. With that, you can’t expect the same quality as an item priced $50+ otherwise their items would be priced $50+. When choosing my items, I always lean towards the items on their site that are at least $19 or higher, usually trying to choose items that are more in the $20’s! I also will choose more ‘trendy’ pieces that are in style at the moment, but probably won’t be come the next season. It is hard for me to want to invest on a high quality piece that is most likely in just for the moment. BUT, if you are buying a trendy, ‘in style’ piece that’s only $20…that’s easy. So I love SheIn for that reason – it’s a great place to find more fun, bold pieces at low prices. Is that piece going to last you forever? Probably not. But you also can’t expect a $15 top to last you forever. So when seeking out some of the current trends of the moment, this is a great place to look! Lots of people have actually sent me messages saying how impressed they were with the quality of the items they ordered! And I have been to! Another thing addressed to me often is their shipping, how long does it take? From my experience, it does take longer than most places. I wouldn’t order here for a trip that’s coming up in a week or two. It doesn’t take a month or months or anything crazy, but it is unpredictable! Sometimes it comes in a week and a half, and other times more like two and a half. I’ve experienced both! So I just order and know that it will get here! Their shipping has never stopped me from placing an order, unless I have a specific timeline. That’s my opinion when it comes to shopping there, but if you have anymore questions or things you want to know just shoot me a message! I’m happy to help!

Hope you guys are having a great Wednesday! I am now off to coffee with one of my fave ladies, miss Kendal, then to Trader Joes because our fridge and pantry are both EMPTY!!!



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