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Al and I don’t usually make itineraries when going on short weekend getaways, but on this specific trip we knew the Golden Gate Bridge was a must. I love collecting photos of our travels together so I knew I wanted to take the time to go to a good lookout point and have a good chunk of my day with a Golden Gate view. Al spent the whole morning while I was showering and getting ready looking up the top lookout points and choosing which one we were going to go to. He found two that just happened to be ‘connected’ so we decided to do both and I’m so happy we did!

The first point is called Battery Spencer. It is located on the opposite side of the bridge from the city, on the Marin County side. It’s an old military installation that protected the bridge during World War II. This spot gets you nice and close to the bridge and is perfect for photos having the bridge as the statement. Warning, the wind is CRAY. I’m surprised we even got decent photos!! But San Francisco is a very windy city so what else can you expect when going up on a hill right by the water. From this point, you can walk to the next lookout spot called Kirby Cove. This spot has the infamous swing on the beach that you’ve probably seen in your research or on Pinterest!! Sadly, the swing fell a couple days before we went but there was lots of talk of them putting it back up if it’s not up already. The walk to Kirby Cove is downhill on the way there and uphill on the way back. It’s just under a mile each way. The cove is actually an area where people can camp too! There were a couple of families down there setting up tents and BBQ’s! The beach is stunning and the view is breath taking. I am so happy we walked the extra miles to get this view, the whole walk was beautiful! I posted photos above of the different views we got during our walk. Learn from my mistakes and wear good shoes!! The only sneakers I brought on our trip were some Topshop ones and I was so mad at myself for not packing some real workout sneakers!! Al even gave me a piggy-back at one point because I was limping, LOL. Real life. You better know those sneakers came off the minute we got back in our Uber.

If you make the trip over to the other side of the bridge where these spots are, I would recommend spending the day there and hopping over to Sausalito! It’s only a 10-15 minute drive from Battery Spencer and well worth it! Sausalito as a cute little town right on the water with beautiful views of the city. There is shopping and tons of food! I would recommend getting a meal there and walking around because even just strolling around is so much fun. We ate lunch at Bar Bocce which was such a fun spot! Kind of an outdoor bar scene with great pizza! I got a kale & ricotta one 🙂

San Francisco is such a lively city with endless things to do! It’s a definite bucket list place! If you’re planning a trip there and need recommendations, let me know! I’m happy to help!

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