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As I am making this post, I realized that mostly every time I eat I always post on my Instagram story but rarely ever take real photos!! I need to get better at that. So, above are the only photos at restaurants that I took while in San Francisco for our one year anniversary. To make it easy for you guys, I’m just going to list them below and give any drink / food recommendations for each spot!

The Ferry Building: We went here on our first day in SF for lunch! I would definitely say this is a San Francisco must. It reminds me of a Pike Place Market in Seattle! There are tons of eateries, coffee spots, and dessert stations!! We grabbed street tacos for lunch and then got an ice cream cone to eat while we walked around a little more. We only made it here once, but had we of had more days here I bet we would have gone another time or two!

State Bird Provisions: This restaurant was way out of our comfort zone as far as food goes but we loved it!! The California state bird is Quail and that’s their most popular thing on the menu so we had to try it!! It seriously tasted just like fried chicken lol. Al kept saying ‘if it tastes like chicken then why don’t they just serve chicken’! Haha we usually aren’t very daring with our food choices obviously. This restaurant is a place where they walk around and showcase 12 different meals, appetizers, and desserts on a tray and you grab whatever you’d like! They also have a fixed menu so we ordered a couple things off the fixed menu and got a couple of the ‘specials’. Definitely get a reservation here!

The Progress: This is a ‘sister restaurant’ to State Bird and right next door. In the first photo above I am standing infront of this restaurant. We came here for drinks while we were waiting to be seated at State Bird because the wait was about an hour and I’m so happy we had a wait and had to come here because this was probably our favorite place!! They have specialty cocktails that were to die for!! Al got The Remedy and I got the Sunny Jim! They were both amazing, best drink we had in SF! The style of the restaurant is lots of white, wood, and greenery. Right up our alley! We loved and if we had more nights there we definitely would have gone back for dinner!

Buena Vista Cafe: We had heard from SO MANY PEOPLE that we had to go here to have their signature Irish Coffee so we went here after Lombard Street (walking distance) and before we went to the Golden State Bridge! (See my post on the best Golden Gate Bridge lookout spots HERE). I am not lying when I say this Irish Coffee was UNREAL good and everybody that goes to SF needs to get one!! We actually sat awhile and had two there, then got one to-go to share haha!

Bar Bocce: This is a outdoor bar / restaurant located in Sausalito! It is on the opposite side of the Golden Gate Bridge from the city but in the cutest town that is well worth the drive across! The views here are beautiful and it is so fun to spend the day walking around this little town. Bar Bocce is a little more loud and has a ‘bar vibe’ but if you are looking for that it is so fun! We loved it here and it sits right on the water! Their menu mostly consists of salads, pizza, and sandwiches. I got a kale & ricotta pizza that was AMAZING and Al got a BLTA of sorts that he said was the best one he’s ever had. Boom. Really fun place – thank you Asia for the recommendation!!

A16: A couple people recommended this restaurant to us and after finding out it was Italian food we were like YUUUP. We came here for dinner our second night and it was such a fun experience. The restaurant is beautiful and when you walk up from the street it looks tiny but then goes so far back and opens up nicely. Here we got the burrata as an appetizer which was similar to a mozzarella dip with crostini. It was a little funky of a texture but tasted good! We are big cheese people! For dinner we shared the maccaronara which is their signature pasta dish. It’s similar to a spaghetti but with a more smokey sauce and thicker noodles. I loved it!! We also shared one of their pizzas, I can’t remember the name of it and for some reason it’s not online, but it had eggplant and was very tasty! Al was a little hesitant on the eggplant but we were making it a goal to try new foods and he ended up really enjoying it! He actually said it tasted kinda like meat! haha

Tonga Room: If you are looking for a fun bar, this is your place. The Tonga Room is located inside of the Fairmont hotel in the room where the pool used to be. It is tiki themed – to the max. I got the Mai Tai which is their most popular drink and it may have been the best Mai Tai I’ve had!! This place was so so much fun with live music and dancing. Pictured above you can see that they kept the pool and put a boat into the middle of the pool where the band plays!!! I was not expecting that and was laughing for a solid 20 minutes – mostly because I thought it was the coolest thing ever. You guys will love this place!

The Grove: We went here for brunch on our anniversary morning! I got avocado and poached egg toast, and Al got a breakfast sandwich. Both were so good! We both got vanilla lattes, mine hot and his iced. This meal is pictured above! The Grove was walking distance from our hotel so the location for us was perfect. We really liked the atmosphere and the staff and would definitely recommend this spot for breakfast or brunch!

Boulevard: This is the restaurant we went to for our anniversary dinner! It is right down by the Ferry Building and you can see the Bay Bridge from most tables! The view is beautiful. This restaurant I would say is more of a ‘steakhouse’ as far as the atmosphere and the menu goes – we love steakhouses so Al was pretty excited about this one! Here I got the halibut & Al got steak, we also had the best bottle of wine we have ever tasted – seriously!! It was Herman Story “On The Road”. We actually ended up buying two bottles of it and bringing the rest of it back to our home with us because it was that good!!

Those are all the major eateries we hit while spending our long weekend in San Francisco and let me just say…that is a city of food! There were tons of places we didn’t get to try, but we were more than happy with all the restaurants we got to go to! As always, if you have any questions or want more SF recommendations, shoot me an email or comment below! Hope you guys enjoy these eats!!

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