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I am SO excited to finally be sharing this post with you guys!! I’ve been thinking about it for awhile, but you wouldn’t believe how dang hard it is to photograph a kitchen! I am no photographer, which is why I finally cracked and brought in my girl Jessica Whitaker to take care of that part for me 😉

As most of you know, Al and I have been remodeling our #LangLoveShack for the past year! I have never owned a house before, so having to choose every single color/material/furnishing/etc. was a little overwhelming at first, not gonna lie; but once we got the swing of it, so much fun!! Making our kitchen come to life was definitely my favorite part, and I can still honestly say it is my favorite room in our house! For those of you who haven’t built or remodeled, you have to pick out EVERYTHING!! I remember Al asking me about things that I figured just came with the house or were ‘set’, not knowing I had to actually make all those decisions!! We even picked where our light switches were and which ones turned on what lights?? I thought that just happened I guess haha. Anyways, back to our kitchen. We knew we wanted to have a minimalistic yet statement kitchen if that makes sense? We wanted materials that were simple but that you would remember. We got the idea of doing navy bottom cabinets off of Pinterest, and I am so happy we did it! I don’t decorate with much color, I’m very black/white/gray, so having this pop gives the room so much character. Luckily, our aunt, uncle, and cousins own Bellmont Cabinets and were able to make our dream a reality plus so much more!! They had this beautiful navy color and we got to pick from an assortment of woods for our uppers. (We went with Baywood). I can honestly say I would recommend Bellmont to you guys a million times over!! Their materials are above and beyond. Our upper cabinet is actually electronic, so you just lightly tap it and it opens, then you press a little button and it shuts. It’s pretty cool, I’m not gonna lie. We also used that same wood material to make two ‘open shelves’ on the other side of our sink. Mostly for decor reasons obvi!! Our kitchen is small so there isn’t really much space to personalize it and be able to decorate so I loved the idea of having that space to make however I want it, and whenever I want it! I am always finding new little things to put up there or looking at photos for inspo of ways to switch it up. It’s such a perfect little creative corner! Another thing I love, is we hid our trash cans and our dishwasher within the cabinets so they just look like another normal door or drawer! Like I said above, we do have a smaller kitchen so hiding as much clutter as possible was super important to us so I love that our trash is just another cabinet and that our dishwasher got to keep the navy vibe going without it having to get cut off! I will say, my favorite thing about our kitchen might be that we made the ‘end cap’ of the cabinets a wine rack! Al and I are big wine lovers so this was a really fun addition to our kitchen for us! It looks so cute slightly stocked and I think just adds another little unique something. As I said before, some of our family members own Bellmont so as you can imagine, everyone has their cabinets in their homes and every single kitchen is different! It’s super fun to see what everyone has done different in their homes – the customization is endless!! We also used their cabinets for our master bathroom as well as our media cabinet in our living room! You guys gotta check them out if you are planning or thinking of building / remodeling soon! They have a cool feature on their website under the tab ‘where to buy’ where you can enter your zipcode, and it will give you the names of retailers in your area that carry their cabinets! Also, follow them on instagram for some for real home inspo!!

Another thing that I am so happy we did, but there was really no discussion over since Al and I both wanted it so bad, was our farmhouse sink!! I freaking adore farmhouse sinks so I was thrilled that Al loved them too! To me they just look slightly old fashioned and charming, so it was fun to put a more ‘farmhouse’ style into a more modern styled home! If you’re someone who likes stainless steel, they also make some really cool more modern looking farmhouse sinks that are stainless steel! Another cool feature we did is on our island and you can slightly see it in some photos, but we did a ‘concrete’ wrap around that sits on top of our counter on our island! We got this inspo from a house Al’s dad built and thought it was perfect to put some barstools up to for eating or just hanging out in the kitchen! The gray also gives some dimension to all the white space and ties in with the brick on our walls very nicely!

I am wanting to incorporate more ‘home’ posts on my blog and do tours of different areas/rooms in our house and such so if those seem like posts you guys would be interested in, please let me know! Plus, send me anything you are wanting to see / would like me to write about 🙂 You can ‘shop’ our kitchen below, and I also have the “Our Home” page where I include stuff like our throw pillows, couch, rugs, etc. that you can shop so check out that page too! Thanks for stopping by!!

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