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About a month ago, Al and I updated our couch throw pillows to these adorable Maewoven ones and we COULDN’T BE HAPPIER!! No joke, I want two more for my couch and to also cover my entire bed in them!! I’ve been crushing on their pillows for a long time so to get them in my house was the best feeling. I feel like they pull the entire room together.

Maewoven‘s square pillows come in either 16×16 inches or 20×20 inches and we went for the 20×20 so a little larger than your typical square pillows. (I’m happy we went with the larger size!!) They also maintain their shape SO WELL! Which is something that is always hard for me to find in a pillow – but a necessity with how we lay on the couch and the way Leo lays all over everything. Their pillows are the African mudcloth material which is definitely a huge trend right now!! Throw pillows make such a statement in your living or bed room so they are worth the investment, and their pillows are all right around $50 which is a steal! They are constantly putting new styles out so their site is definitely one to check back to anytime you are looking to spice up your collection because you will always find something new.

Below you can see + shop my current faves!! You can shop the rest of ‘our home’ HERE!



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