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Happy Wednesday babes! Another request I got from you guys, topic wise, is to talk more about hair – so that’s what today’s focus is going to be! Awhile back I did a post titled How I Maintain My Blonde where I shared tips for you blondies – today’s will be similar! I chatted with my hairstylist, Kristy, a little before writing this post so I could give you guys some insight into how she balayages me each time! She has been doing my hair for the past year and a half or so and I think we have it down!! Every time I sit in her chair she always knows exactly what I want! So let’s get into it 🙂

In the salon – When booking my hair appointments, I either book a partial or full balayage. The difference between these isn’t how far it goes down your hair strand if that makes sense. It’s how far down your scalp you want to touch up. If you feel like your underneath is getting dark like when it’s put up in a ponytail, I would book a full. If you are just wanting just down your part and around your face touched up, then book a partial. The difference between a foil and a balayage is with balayaging you are literally free hand painting on the hair. You don’t usually get as close to the root as a foil which is personal preference if you want that or not. I like that your grow out actually looks good and natural with a balayage so you can rock it for months longer than a foil! Balayaging also gives your stylist the creative freedom to place the highlights wherever they want. Again, it’s not for everyone so you have to determine what you like on yourself! When Kristy does my hair, she uses 30 volume bleach to lift me to a ‘pale blonde’, then tones or ‘glosses’ me with 10BS goldwell. She uses a ‘V’ balayage pattern, does diagonal partings for a well blended look, and only paints the surface without it soaking all the way through the hair to prevent bleed marks. Before I go on, if you are local you can book with Kristy at the Stan Parente Salon in Maple Valley!

Out of the salon – Being a blonde requires a lot of work out of the salon no lie!! Actually, just mostly if you are someone who likes the more bright, cool tones and not the warm, golden ones. I go through stages of liking both tones but lately I have been wanting mine more bright and cool! First, I would definitely invest in a good purple shampoo! I’ll link some of my favorites of all the products I mention that I’ve tried below for you guys! Using a purple shampoo is a good maintenance habit. The minute you shampoo your hair with something else it tends to wash out so it definitely would need to become your new go-to shampoo! If you hair tends to go brassy easily, I would also get a purple conditioner to go with it. Then you can buy a deep conditioner (which I highly recommend!!) and use it 1-2 days a week depending on how often you was your hair. If you are someone who only gets their actual color done every couple of months, I would recommend either going into your stylist every 3 weeks or so for a toner (gloss) or doing it at home yourself! It helps me to push back my balayage appointments so I’m not bleaching my hair as often because the gloss brightens it up and removes the yellow! I would either get the Goldwell 10V mousse or if you are wanting to go all out buy the Goldwell 10BS as well as the developer and applicator. If you go the second route and want some insight for applying yourself, shoot me a message and I’m happy to help you! The mousse is very easy, just apply directly into your hair and you can leave it on for 20-30 minutes! It’s not as strong. Some people I know even put it into their damp hair and just leave it in! With the actual toner, you need to monitor it in the mirror because it is stronger than the mousse. If left in for too long it can have a tiny purple hue but that washes out so if it happens don’t be alarmed! You can leave it in anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes depending on your hair 🙂

Some random advice blonde to blonde – If I had to give you some general advice, I would say use a heat protectant and be cautious with how much heat you use! I try to only wash my hair 2-3 days a week and I will blow dry when I wash it. As far as curling, I also try to only curl it one time in between shampoos and just brush out my curls for all the days in between. Luckily, my curls hold pretty well so if anything I will just have to touch up a few but sometimes I can just brush my hair and throw some dry shampoo in it. I also use a Wetbrush which really helps your hair from breaking!

Purple Shampoo + Conditioner

Deep Conditioners


Miscellaneous Products


I hope you guys enjoyed today’s post! Let me know what other ‘hair’ posts you’d like to see in the future! Have a great day loves!



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