Weekend Lover + Talk About The Comparison Game

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My Look: Top | Black Denim | Mules | Similar Gingham Skirt

Questions I receive almost on the daily are “how is your store going?!” and “why haven’t you had new arrivals out for a bit?!” Mostly the typical ‘busy life’ answer would come to mind and would almost always be my response. But if I’m going to be completely raw with you guys like I know you always hope for me to be, I went through a little slump. A slump that I am finally crawling out of and ready to address.

Being in the ‘blogging’ industry and now even the ‘blogging with a side gig’ (aka my store) industry is a really saturated, competitive, intimidating. When you are putting yourself out there the way we do, there are endless positives that come out of it. Inspiration, connection, business opportunities, friendships, etc. But what doesn’t get spoken about too much are the negatives. When I was 19 and started my blog, it wasn’t this HUGE saturated market. I was actually the only blogger that I knew personally at that time and I only followed the large bloggers on Instagram. It started out as a hobby and was solely for fun! Over the years, the numbers of bloggers has only grown in crazy amounts. This is amazing in many ways because brands start to see your worth, you make SO many new friends, and you have people along side of you doing the same thing which is so helpful. Negatives? The comparison game. This blogger is prettier. This blogger has a bigger house. This blogger has more followers. This blogger worked with these brands. This blogger’s ‘side gig’ is skyrocketing while yours is just steadily growing. Need I go on? The comparing is truly endless. But it’s wrong!! What I have come to realize just recently is my blog and my store are unique. Why? Me! They’re the only blogs and stores out there by me! And that has worth. Social media has positives all around, but at the same time it does allow people to portray their lives however they want and only showcases the best moments. I can tell you, their reality is not their feed!! I know mine isn’t. I don’t get ready and dressed up in cute outfits every. single. day. I go through times of doubt, sorrow, stress, worry, anxiety. But am I going to always address that online? Probably not. A lot of it is personal and those are the things you don’t know are going on in people’s lives. As far as success, followers, businesses growing faster than yours, etc. I’ve had to remind myself that I am proud of what I do. I’m proud of how far I’ve come so far. And the way that I’m looking at someone else’s success wishing I had, I’m sure there is someone looking at mine that way. Remind yourself that! The same goes for every single one of you!! You are your worst critic and biggest competition. You’ve done amazing things this far and it ain’t stopping!!

All of that said, I am excited to finally get back into the swing of things – blogging and bringing you guys new fun, affordable, feel-good items in my store! Today I launched three new tops, including the ‘Weekend Lover’ one photographed above! Shop my new arrivals HERE!

Thank you, all of you, for your endless support in all my endeavors!! I love you all and am very grateful!



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  1. 6.6.18

    Loved this post, girl! It is such a hard thing to not do! I find myself comparing so many times and it leaves me feeling like an imposter… like i’m Not good enough, or as cute… whatever and it sucks. Working on reminding myself of all those truths you just reminded me of! Thanks so much! Also- you are seriously one of the cutest,joyful people I follow! Keep up the hard work!

    • 6.6.18
      Karlie Rae said:

      Hey girl! So happy you loved the post. It’s definitely something we all struggle with so I feel you 100%! So happy you are here and thank you SO MUCH for those sweet sweet words!! Seriously means so much!

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