How To Style A (Faux) Fur Coat

How To Style A (Faux) Fur Coat How To Style A (Faux) Fur Coat How To Style A (Faux) Fur Coat How To Style A (Faux) Fur Coat How To Style A (Faux) Fur Coat

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Before I get into today’s style tips, I just had to say I had the best weekend!! It was low key for the most part – lots of Home Goods runs and time with my family. Isn’t that what fall is about?! I love how when the weather gets just a little colder, you get inspired to do fall activities, make warm home cooked meals, and cozy up with your loved ones. We had a pumpkin carving contest where Al and I carved a frenchie head into our pumpkin and it turned out SO cute!! I think we maybe won.. 🙂

Now onto today’s post!

I have worn this jacket twice now and both times I posted it on my Instagram story but hadn’t gotten an actual photo with it, so I’m happy I got around to shooting it because I got so many questions about it! What surprised me were how many people commented on how much they loved it yet didn’t think they could pull it off. Let me tell you something ladies!!! You can pull anything off! It’s all about being confident while wearing it 🙂 But to help add a little more than just confidence, I thought I’d give you some styling tips for when you are wearing your own fur or faux fur coat.

Keep the rest of your look simple. This doesn’t mean boring!! Unless that’s what you gotta do to feel good about wearing such a statement coat. But I mean, keep your jacket the focus. How I did this here is I paired it with an all black look so the blush and fur pop. On an average day, I wouldn’t mix patterns into the look or multiple colors. I would stick to 1-2 other other colors besides the color of your jacket! If the event I was attended was more formal or trendy, I wouldn’t be afraid of being more bold, but for an every day look I’d keep it as simple as possible.

Choose a neutral color. When buying your jacket, pick a color that you already wear a lot or have lots of items in your wardrobe that will compliment it! This will make forming looks with it so much easier. You also most likely already have outfits to wear it with! In all honesty, blush to me is a neutral color!! Especially for my wardrobe. 80% of my clothes match blush tones so for me, this jacket goes with a lot of the clothing I already have in my closet!

Wear pieces that will compliment the coat. For most people, I think they would feel the most comfortable wearing a statement jacket like this by pairing it with clothing that is more form-fitted, since the jacket is more oversized and fluffy. I paired mine with a simple tank, some skinny denim, and fitted over the knee boots. That keeps the look figure flattering!


Hopefully these three tips can give you some inspo when it comes to styling your own fur coat, or even inspo to buy one if you don’t have one already! I will link my current favorite faux fur coats below!! As always, thanks so much for reading!!



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