3 Ways To Wear Red This Season

Tips For Wearing Red This Season | Karlie Rae

Tips For Wearing Read This Season | Karlie Rae

Tips For Wearing Red This Season | Karlie Rae

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I’m sure you guys may have heard, but incase you haven’t – red is a high trend color this season. It is a much bolder color to be on trend, so I’ve already had several people mention to me they just don’t know that they could wear a true (almost cherry) red. Instead they would rather stick to maroons and burgundy tones that are more safe. Well, I am here today to tell you gals that you CAN INDEED rock the red trend this year, and share with you guys some subtle ways to incorporate it into your looks without feeling too loud!

Red Shoes

As demonstrated in this post, red shoes are the perfect way to incorporate the color into your existing wardrobe. Pair them with any neutral colored outfit and they really stand out and look stylish. Here I wore them with white and denim, but you could pair read with brown tones, black, and even navy!

Red Accessories

For those of you are really unsure of taking the risk, try some red accessories! I’m talking scarves, jewelry (my favorite being earrings!), or even a cute hair scarf! Statement earrings are my favorite way to accessorize lately, so adding a cute pair to your collection would be the perfect piece to add to any outfit! Also, if you haven’t gotten a hair scarf yet this season, you need one! They are so adorable tied around your pony tail or messy bun! And they double as a neck tie scarf so it really is two in one 🙂

Red Tops

Since this color is so hot at the moment, brands are coming out with the cutest red tops!! Wear them with your basic denim, black pants/denim, or even paired with skirts. The rest of your outfit can be so easily thrown together since your top is the statement piece and all the rest can be simple and neutral.

Hopefully these examples spark your red interest you and inspire you to give this trend a shot!! Thanks so much for stopping by today and reading!



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