Chenille Sweater + Statement Booties

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Photos x Sarah Wolfe

When it comes to sweater trends this fall, the chenille material has definitely taken a lead. You have probably seen this specific sweater worn all over the place in multiple colors, and that’s probably because it’s only $49!! It comes in 4 cute colors and seriously feels like you are wearing your bathrobe all day!! I honestly will wear this just around my house with my yoga pants because it’s more comfortable than most of my loungewear. There is also another super cute one that I’ve been eyeing and has adorable ruffles on the sleeves! (It is also only $49!!) Don’t shy away from this material if you are feeling hesitant, I promise you will not regret it!! It also would be the perfect sweater to wear on Thanksgiving because let’s be honest here – you want cute AND comfort because #FoodBaby.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, it is seriously right around the corner…less than a week away! I’ve been hunting some ideas on Pinterest for some cute apps and sides! (I’m still considered a baby in my fam so I don’t have to tackle any of the meat or major parts yet haha!) If you’re looking for some inspo make sure to follow me on Pinterest! I have a ‘Thanksgiving‘ board where I pin things specifically for Thanksgiving but I also have an ‘entertaining bites‘ board with more appetizer options!! And lots of them I have tried already myself 🙂

Happy Friday you guys! I hope your weeks have been going well and that you all have some fun weekend plans! I actually am hosting a popup shop for my store, Shop KarlieRae, at a local coffee and wine bar on Sunday that I have to start preparing for!! Haha I am so not prepared for this but I’m always such a procrastinator this isn’t even shocking. If you are local, definitely come by and say hi!! You can shoot me an email and I’ll send over the deets 🙂



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