Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts Under $50

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Hello lovelies!! Today I am bringing you my first official holiday gift guide of the season! For me, a lot of the people that I shop for I’ll typically spend around $50 dollars on, but those are also the hardest gifts for me to find!!

I loved these slippers because slippers are such a timeless gift and it’s so rare you can find a good pair under $50. Plus, everyone loves a new pair of slippers! I also have this scarf and wear it all the time! It would be such a perfect gift. I have also noticed tons of my friends switching out their Swell water bottles for these new ones!

Below I will go into a little detail about each one and why I think it’ll be a great gift!

One (Camel Slippers) – These J Crew slippers are the perfect color and so cute! Almost every single year I find myself asking for new slippers and it’s so rare to find a high quality slipper at such a good price!

Two (Gold Slippers) – Here is another cute option for the fashionista in your life! The gold is a fun touch and we all know somebody who loves all things that sparkle!!

Three (Rain Boots) – I couldn’t believe at how discounted these are!! They are well below $50 and so on trend this year. The lower ankle cut rain boots are super popular and it also has that ‘chelsea boot’ vibe! Boots would be SUCH a good gift in a circumstance where the limit is $50!!

Four (Crossbody Handbag) – This bag is simple yet on trend. Handbags are always a fun gift to receive because it’s something you rarely buy! Also such a good gift for an occasion with a spending cap of $50!

Five (Gray Sweater) – These little tie sleeve details have been on sweaters all over the place lately! And of course this sweater is a killer deal if it’s a part of this post! This would even be a perfect little gift for yourself 😉

Six (Pajama Set) – Every holiday season this is the number thing I always ask for!! More pjs!! I seriously love having cute pajama sets to wear around my house and I know I can’t be the only one! This is such a cute gift for any girl in your life!

Seven (Candle Set) – This set comes with 4 candles and is under $50! I feel like there is always someone in your life who is IN LOVE with candles – for me that is my mom! This would be the perfect gift for them! Also perfect for a gift exchange!

Eight (Glam Glow Set) – This line makes my favorite masks ever!! They are active products that actually work! I use their clearing mask (white container) several nights a week! I think this gift is BOMB.

Nine (Cat Mug) – Now, I am a frenchie mom and a dog person but I could name SEVERAL people who this gift would be puuuurfect for haha!!

Ten (Hydro Flask) – So many of my friends have traded in their Swell bottles for these!! I still have my Swell & love it but have heard amazing things about this matter bottle! Perfect for the health nut or fitness obsessed person in your life!!

Eleven (Ugg Socks) – Al buys me Ugg socks almost every year since we’ve been together and they are seriously my FAVE! I am definitely one of those girls who is in fluffy socks whenever I’m home, my feet are ALWAYS freezing!! So I love these and think they are the perfect gift because it’s totally not something you would just buy for yourself!

Twelve (Free People Scarf) – I have this scarf in this ‘natural’ color and it is my go to this season!! I’ve seen it worn all over Instagram and all over Seattle in general so I know I’m not the only one who loves it! It also comes in a bunch of colors 🙂

Thirteen (Stemless Wine Glasses) – Al and I only drink with stemless glasses. Mostly because I feel like the other ones can be knocked over and spill so easily and I’m SO clumsy haha! But this set comes with 4 wine glasses and is perfect for the hostess in your life!

Fourteen (Plaid Scarf) – Scarves (well anything cozy really) are perfect gifts for the holidays. This is the time of the year people really just wanna bundle up!! I love the color pattern of this one. It’s basically what my entire fall/winter wardrobe consists of this year!

Fifteen (Sugar Lip Set) – I love this brand!! My mother in law has gotten us girls stuff stuff from this brand the past couple of Christmases and it always ends up being my favorite lip stuff that I own! I feel like beauty sets are perfect gifts for the holidays and who doesn’t love getting to try out new colors?!

Sixteen (Bell Sleeve Sweater) – Another killer gift under $50! Bell sleeves add the perfect detail to any simple top and this one comes in multiple colors! I think a girl or woman would love this – any age!


That’s it for my first gift guide!! Can’t wait to bring some more your way now that the holidays are in FULL SWING! Incase you didn’t know, I have a page for ‘Gifts Under $50‘ with even more things than in this post and I also have one ‘Gifts Under $100‘! I’ll also be adding more pages the next couple of days and they can be found on my main menu under ‘Holiday Shop’!! Comment below or shoot me a message with any specific gift guides you’d like to see from me! 🙂



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