My 2017 Favorites


This year has been a year of trying tons of new brands, clothing, and products!! I have been loving some of the things I added to my wardrobe AND to my beauty routine so I wanted to take the time to share with you all my top 2017 favorites.

ONE // This denim was recommended to me by my fabulous friend, Bre. I love love love them. They come in different washes and I have purchased a white pair before, but I didn’t size up so I could fit in them but never really loved them because they were tight and not very comfortable. When Bre said she’s usually a 26 but ordered a 28, (they only come in even numbered sizes!), I wanted to give them another go! So I sized up to the 28 as well and I love them! They are high waisted so they hold everything in and look great with so many different outfits.

TWO //  I got these slippers for Christmas and made them my designated indoor only slippers!! I have some Ugg slippers that I got last Christmas but wear them all over the place, even to the grocery store, judge me. So they are worn and also dirty from being outdoors so these ones I can wear all over my house or on the couch and they are clean, comfy and SO cute! I also love that they have backs to them and aren’t just slides because they keep my feet so warm!

THREE // I have been using t3 for maybe 6+ months now and love all of their tools. I have a base with a couple different barrels that I can attach to it and this one is my current favorite! (Probably right behind their thicker wand!) Maybe I’ll do a curl tutorial soon to show you guys how I’m using it!

FOUR // Another t3 fave. This is the blow dryer that I use every single day! It’s supposed to be one of the best brands for damage control! I love mine!

FIVE // I have known about this product FOREVER. The salon that I worked at for 3 years carries Oribe so I am very familiar with their products. I have owned this in the past but will say I never felt like I needed it until I recently took out my extensions and chopped my hair in November! It is a MUST for short or medium length hair if you like that textured, messy, beachy look!! It’s a little bit of a splurge but it lasts awhile and smells AMAZING.

SIX // I have owned these leggings for a WHILE now. I love how soft and comfy the material is. Great for working out or just lounging in or running errands, etc. Really great for anything which is why I love them so much! They are super high waisted so very flattering!!

SEVEN // I wore this sweater dress on Thanksgiving day and I think it was my most popular item of 2017 with my followers and readers!! You guys loved it and I got so many questions about it so I wanted to throw it on here one more time! It’s UK sizing, so I ordered mine in a size 4! It is without question the most flattering sweater dress I have ever owned and I love how it looks with my OTK boots! OH, it’s also on major sale right now like 50% off!!

EIGHT // I got this lip gloss only within the past month or so, but I can honestly say it is my new favorite and my new go to almost every single day. It is the PERFECT pink color, slightly mauve toned and not too bright! I am a huge fan and will definitely be buying another one when I run out.

NINE // My fab hubby got these boots for me for my birthday this year!! They are quite a splurge, I would never buy them for myself, at least not in this point of life. But as a gift? THANK YOU!! They are the most flattering OTK boots I have seen and the color is absolutely perfect. They come in 3 different heel sizes and I got the ones in the middle!

TEN // I have been using this hair mask for a couple of years now. I will say I will try different things thinking I need to ‘switch things up a little’ but I ALWAYS go back to this one, every single time!! It is priced amazingly for what it’s worth and how it makes your hair feel. I am absolutely obsessed with it and would recommend it a million times over! I use it as my conditioner every single time I shower 🙂

ELEVEN // These perfumes…OMG. I have known about Jo Malone forever and have been gifted their soaps before, but this Christmas was the first time I got their perfumes and I am HOOKED. I got this exact kit and every single scent smells absolutely amazing. You can even mix any two of the scents together!! I know tons of girls/women who do it and come up with their favorite combinations! I think I will wear these forever now haha.

TWELVE // My bathrobe yay! This was the one thing I actually asked for this Christmas. I have been a bathrobe girl my entire life. I think it’s because my dad loves bathrobes so much and always wore his it just became my norm haha! I was due for a new bathrobe and knew I wanted one really really soft and white! What other brand than Barefoot Dreams for that let’s be honest. Their stuff is amazing. I have a cardigan from them that is my cozy ‘around the house’ or ‘traveling’ cardi and the next thing on my list is to get their blankets!! If you’re a robe lover like myself, this needs to be your next one!


Those are my 12 favorites from this past year! I hope you enjoyed them! I love trying new things so although these are at the top of my list, I know I’ll be experimenting more throughout this next year to share more picks with you guys! I’d love to hear some of your 2017 faves to add to my list of ‘things to try’ so comment your picks below!!

I hope your beginning to your year is going amazing!




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