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Hello friends! It has been a little while since I have sat down and done a new blog post. I am so happy to be back on here writing and hope that I can get back into the groove of getting a couple new posts up a week. It’s sad to admit, but the past few weeks I have just had other priorities in my life and really let my blog sit on the back burner a little. I feel like people may not notice as I make sure to always be active on Instagram, Facebook, etc. daily, but haven’t spent the time to sit down and do what I really do love most out of all of those things – which is blog!

We are now half way through the first month of the new year, but the start of a new year always come with a lot of self reflecting for me. I am totally one of those people who set all kinds of goals for the new year, gets re-motivated, and weighs out my priorities (or at least what I want them to be). I find myself excited for this upcoming 12 months. I have friends & family getting married, others having babies, some fun little trips I’d like to take, and I feel like this year is the first full year that I am really blogging and diving into this industry. I have been ‘blogging’ since 2014 but the first two years I was really young doing it for fun and hadn’t found my niche or purpose yet. I’d say only in this past year have a really dove into it and it does make me really excited for this upcoming year.

Something you have maybe seen me talk about a little if you follow me on Instagram is me dive into my faith and little daily struggles I’ve been having with anxiety. This year, I am really focusing on my personal relationship with God. I want to do my devotionals daily, dive into the Bible more, create friendships and talk about Him and His promises, and release my anxiety to Him knowing that He has a plan and is in control. I really struggle watching the news lately or reading articles that pop up on my Facebook feed because it puts me into a state of fear. To be honest, it has made me want to hide at times and not live my life the way I should. BUT, with all of that said I have felt such a relief in releasing those fears and anxiety to God and knowing He has a plan and purpose. This is something I am going to work really hard at this year. I felt compelled to share just a little of this with you guys since I shared it over my Instagram story and felt connected with so many of you. We all have our struggles, moments of anxiety or fear, and need that reminder to release these things to God because He loves us and wants to take these burdens away from us!

I think one thing that will change a little bit on my blog this year is the way I write and the purpose behind it. I have mentioned this a couple of times, but one of my biggest blogging goals this year is to connect more and build more of a community. I want to truly connect with you guys and go deeper than just fashion alone! One thing I did around the start of this year with one of my very best friends, Bre, is start a new Facebook group for girls and women looking to find connection and support! It is called LET’S GET SOCIAL with B & K and if you click on that link it will take you there to join! All you have to do is request to be in the group and we will be sure to add you 🙂 This group of ours has only been active for a little over a week and as I’m typing this we have over 1,300 members and conversations happening daily!! It really is so cool, I feel so blessed to have all those amazing women in one place supporting each other!

Now onto my look, I got this sweater recently and fell in love with the color palette and pattern. It fits true to size (I am wearing a small for reference!). I feel like the pattern of it allows it to be a little more of a statement than your average sweater, which I love!! This camel-brown color has been HUGE this season and is maybe the most dominant color in my wardrobe. My denim is from Abercrombie – WHAT!  They also run true to size and fit me so well I cannot stop wearing them! All of a sudden I am back to my 13 year old self again and a huge fan of Abercrombie?! They are currently having a denim promotion for buy one get one 50% off so don’t miss out! I have even gotten a couple of my close family and friends to start shopping their again and I must say them taking their logo and the moose off everything has really made it so much easier to wear even as we get older! They also are running sales all the time so you can get things for pretty inexpensive but still good quality! These shoes that I’m wearing here are under $50 and that perfect camel color as well. What I love about these is how they can really be worn in ANY season! I think ya’ll will be seeing a lot more of these in upcoming outfit posts!

On another note, incase you missed it, Al and I finally uploading our young marriage Q&A to my YouTube channel!! It was super fun to film and I hope to bring him to my channel a lot more often so if you have any couples video ideas please comment them below!! I have a few ideas up my sleeves but would LOVE more! Thanks a million times for coming on here and reading this little blog of mine 🙂 I appreciate every single one of you!! Happy Tuesday loves!!



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  1. 1.21.18
    Summer said:

    Hey girly! I just have a question for you. You seem to have such a perfect relationship, you’re truly blessed! I was just wondering if you ever have arguments/how you handle and get through them. I’m newly engaged and we’ve had some tough arguments. I don’t know if that’s normal or whether or not to move forward. Would love some advice because you’re relationship goals! 🙂 xox

    • 1.25.18
      Karlie Rae said:

      Hey love! So sorry for this delayed reply, I am just now seeing this comment. To start off, thank you for the kind words. I really do appreciate it. <3 But to be real, no relationship is perfect. You are never going to find a person where you guys agree 100% of the time on every single thing. You are also both human and bound to make mistakes. Something that has really helped my husband and I is choosing our battles. If something is just 'annoying' it's probably not worth even bringing up or fighting over. This has help tremendously and we rarely fight or argue because most of the time it is really just not worth it! Also, always be forgiving and put yourself in each others shoes. I feel like if you have the mindset that nobody is perfect, not even your significant other, it really takes the pressure off of being 'perfect'. Also, we are Christ followers and keeping Jesus in the center of our marriage is the best thing for it. I'm so sorry you have had some tough arguments girl. I also don't know all the details so it's hard for me to give any set advice. I will tell you to trust your heart and your gut! Listen to it and choosing your life partner is a selfish thing in some want to choose who makes you happiest! And in return, who you can make the happiest too. But do know that other relationships may seem 'perfect' online, but that's because online is a highlight reel. It's not someone's day to day life. Every relationship will face tough times at one point or another and it's the person that it's worth fighting through that and doing life with forever! Hope this helps! I know I kind of rambled! All my love to you! Xoxo

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