7 Tips To Start Transitioning Your Wardrobe From Winter To Spring

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Happy Tuesday friends! It is still just the middle of January, but with Christmas and New Years gone…my head automatically starts thinking SPRING! Am I a little too early? Haha. This time of the year, I usually start to think more about transitioning my wardrobe to that awkward stage of “spinter”, (that’s spring and winter and the months/weeks where you are in the middle of each season in Karlie terms). As I am buying new items, I want to be able to wear them now because I’m excited about them, but also know that I’ll be able to wear them for the following months too. I think you will be seeing a lot more “spinter” content on my blog over the next few months. I have gotten a lot of DM’s lately and a hot topic seems to be how to transition your wardrobe to Spring! So I thought I would get this post up a little early for those of you who will have the warmness back sooner than the rest of us. Also for you others to come here and look back on later! Here are a couple of my easy tips to start getting ready for spring time 🙂

  1. Don’t be afraid of color! Purchasing some more colorful or even white pieces now is a good idea since those will be the pieces you want to pull out when the sun comes out. They will even brighten up the more gloomy days you may be having right now 🙂
  2. Think layers! For example, this look that I am wearing here is full of pieces that I am currently wearing in January and will continue to wear in June! For now I am layering them all together and will also do this on a summer evening, but take off the cardi during the day! You want to have cute outer layers, but you ALSO want to have cute inner layers. I have been loving these lace camis lately because they are adorable to wear under sweaters or jackets but also so dang cute on their own.
  3. Say hello to some dresses and skirts! It’s finally the time of the year that these darling pieces start making their appearances again. Go ahead and purchase some cute new pieces knowing you can wear them with boots now and sandals later. (Style tips: Over the knee boots are my favorite lately to pair with skirts and dresses! Also, wear a chunky sweater with your skirt for these colder months – that look is too cute!)
  4. Lighten up your denim. Denim is clearly a year-round trend, however the lighter washes seem to be worn more in Spring/Summer while the darker washes are more popular in Fall or Winter. If you are in the market for new denim, search for those colors that you can start wearing now, yet will be pulling out of your closet when it’s sunny and 75.
  5. Jackets? Go lighter here too. Start purchasing some light or boyfriend styled blazers to keep you warm now, and look chic later.
  6. Be daring with your pants! Try some new patterned pants or culottes! These will be something you can wear for MONTHS and match all seasons! (Except maybe winter).
  7. New shoe purchases? Make them open toed. The minute these warmer months hit you are going to put a majority of your close-toed beauties into hibernation. When purchasing new pairs, think about what you’re gonna be wanting to be wearing in a month or three (or four or five) from now.

I hope these tips helped you and inspired you to start getting ready for some sun in our lives again! Keep your eyes out for more tips and Spring content that will be hitting here every few days or so 🙂 Also, I’m trying to brainstorm ideas for upcoming blog posts and would LOVE to hear from you! Please comment below any ideas! Have a fabulous week babes!




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