What’s In My (new) Makeup Bag

Hi friends! It has been a little while since I have updated you all on my current beauty products. When I partnered up with Jon Hart bags, I knew this would be a perfect time to not only talk about my updated products that I have added into my routine, but also my new makeup bag that is HUGE, GOOD FOR TRAVEL, & the best part…PINK.

I like to switch up my makeup bags every couple of months because mine get SO dirty with makeup stains and start to just look plain over used. But I have a feeling that this one is one I’ll be able to keep around for awhile!! The quality is great, it’s going to be my go-to for travel and will also carry all my hair products and such because it is so big! I also got the matching weekender bag which will be a perfect carry-on for airport trips but also a great bag for our weekend getaways too. It also is pretty big in size which I was so impressed with and happy about because I overpack for EVERYTHING and don’t currently have a weekender-style bag that is big enough for everything I typically want to pack…at least I didn’t until now! My makeup bag is just called ‘Makeup Case’ on their site and my weekender is just ‘Weekender’! You can customize the color and how you want the monogram! I got my colors in their new selection ‘Rose’ and obviously love it because these tones of pink are my favorite! This would also make a really good gift! Maybe for a bride with her new initials or a birthday?! They also have men’s options too!


Now, onto what’s IN my makeup bag currently! I say currently because as you guys know if you have been following me for awhile, I tend to switch up my products every couple of months because I really like to try new things! I am very happy with my current selections though and know that a lot of these products will stay 🙂 So I’m just gonna dive into each product and tell you guys why I like it, my shade, etc! I’ll also try to do them in the order that I put my makeup on but I’m a spazz so we will see how that goes!


Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Aging Perfector – (fair to light 20) This is what I have been using lately as my ‘primer’! I put it all over my face before applying my foundation and this stuff is amazing! Such a good drug store find! This is going to be what I use this summer on my ‘no makeup’ days because it provides just the perfect amount of slight coverage, reduces the look of fine lines, and evens out your skin tone!

Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation – (Fair-Light Honey) This is my newest foundation find and what I love about it is although it is full coverage, it is still really light weight! And you can adjust the amount of coverage it provides with how much you put on. It also has SPF 15 so is a perfect everyday protection.

MAC Studio Fix – (NC15) This is my ‘going out’ foundation or the foundation I will use if I have a photoshoot. It is definitely full coverage – covers everything, but is too heavy for every day use. Unless you like more heavy makeup daily! I love having this to help hide any blemishes or breakouts and like I said, for special occasions or photoshoots it works wonders!

It Brush Airbrush Buffing Foundation – (N. 110) This is the brush I use to apply my foundation! I will typically put the foundation right onto the brush and then just apply it all over my face. It’s a flat brush so it’s perfect to cover your whole face, get into all your pores or fine lines, etc.

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer – (Light Neutral) My good friend, Morgan of Morgan Lillian, referred this concealer to me and I love it! Covers everything and stays in place. I think it is maybe Tarte’s top seller because it is always sold out in store I have to order it online!! This is definitely something you need to try for your next concealer, no question!

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Pressed Powder – (Light 20) This is the all-over face powder that I’ve been using after I apply my foundation and concealer! Another amazing drug store find. This stuff on it’s own has a good amount of coverage – so often on days I wear lighter makeup, to just run errands, I’ll just wear the tinted primer that I talked about first and then this right over the top and skip the foundation to give my face a break from all the makeup!

bareMinerals Matte Foundation – (Light Beige 09) This is another all over face powder that I love! This one is a little darker so with how pale my skin is currently, I haven’t been wearing this one much but I will bring it out after our Arizona trip next month when I have a little glow again! I love that it has a matte finish because I tend to have more oily skin so it helps keep it looking matte throughout the day.

It Brushes Airbrush Essential Bronzer – (N. 114) This is the brush I have been using for my powder! I use it no matter which of the two powders above I’m using that day and will also use it with my setting powder at the end of my routine.

Smashbox Eyeshadow Trio – (#goals) I actually have a couple different trio sets, you can view all the different color options if you click that link but the #goals is my favorite for those days I want the more warm/golden tones. I also tend to get the most compliments on my eyeshadow the days I wear #goals! I love the Smashbox shadows because the colors are so pigmented, I know each palette or trio set will also last me awhile.

Smashbox Eyeshadow Palette – (Ablaze) I actually have two of these palettes from Smashbox as well. My sister in law got them for me for my birthday a couple months ago and like I said, they last forever! I love this one because it has these warm pink tones which I think will be so cute for Spring and Summer!

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner – (Blackest Black) When it comes to eyeliner or mascara, I always get the darkest black color they have. I love this eyeliner and have been using it for over a year now! Also a great drug store find 🙂 It goes on great and has a thick to thin application tip so you can control how thick your liner goes on that day and also get the perfect ‘winged’ look! If you like your liner super super skinny, this is the one I used to use!

Maybelline The Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara – (Classic Black) I absolutely LOVE this mascara and am so happy I found it! The applicator is exactly how I like it and I am SO crazy picky when it comes to applicators on mascaras!!

Benefit Hoola Bronzer – This just comes in the one shade but is such a good bronzer! I recently switched over to this one after it being recommended by so many people and I love it. You can really control how dark it goes on which is huge for me because I hate when bronzers are overly pigmented and you have to kind of backtrack and try to get it to blend in. I apply this with an angled brush that I’ve had forever. Here is a similar one that’s only $4 incase you are looking for a new bronzer brush! (I also use the same brush for my blush too).

Tarte Amazonian Clay Matte Waterproof Bronzer – (Hotel Heiress) I got this bronzer because it was recommended to me but it is a little too dark for my skin tone! I do think that once I have a tan though it’ll be my best friend. I’ve heard amazing things about this bronzer though and they have a lighter shade called Park Ave Princess that you guys should definitely try!! I know so many girls who use it!

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush – (Paaarty) Tarte is quickly becoming one of my favorite beauty brands. This is actually the first thing I ever got from them and I’ve had the same blush for over a year now!! I don’t apply tons of blush and sometimes even forget so it’s lasted me a long time but I love the color and how subtle it is! It doesn’t go on crazy pink so you can keep applying it until you’ve gotten your desired amount!

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed – (Opal) If I am using any sort of highlighter, THIS is what I use! It is so pretty and really is the perfect highlighter. I have found that I like highlighters more in the Spring/Summer and less in the Fall/Winter. I tend to go for more matte looks in the winter time but think as these months get warmer I will start using this daily again!!

It Brushes Airbrush Radiance Fan Brush – (N. 116) This is the brush I use to apply my highlight! The fan shape and thinness of the brush puts the shimmer right where it needs to be and doesn’t allow it to be too thick.

Benefit Cosmetics Precisely, My Brow Pencil – (N. 2) For the longest time I used the Anastasia Brow Wiz in Taupe but one day I went to my local Ulta to get it and they were out so the girl working recommended I try the Benefit brow pencil and I love it SO much I don’t think I will go back to the Anastasia to be honest!! What I love about it is it’s more pigmented in my opinion so you don’t have to go over the same spot a bunch of times. I feel like the color goes on way better and have been getting WAY more compliments on my brows ever since switching!!

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder – (Translucent) I am so late to the game with this stuff but this is what you need to not only make the finish of your makeup look flawless, but to also keep it lasting all day long and not settling into fine lines!! It’s the last step, but most crucial step of your routine.

Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Sticks – Ya’ll know I have been raving about these!! I got them for the first time because I was collaborating with Neutrogena to try out some of their healthy skin and hydrating products. Neutrogena is already one of my all time favorite drug store brands, but I didn’t know I would love them this much! They give you the perfect amount of color but are also so moisturizing at the same time! My absolute favorites are Almond Nude and Pink Nude but I truly love them all! They are a must to try!


Okay I know this post was quite LENGTHY, but I hope this helped you get a good look at my makeup products and routine! If you have any questions about anything or any products you’d like to recommend to me, please comment below! Also, if you haven’t already go subscribe to my blog! This will send you new post notifications and also any exclusive content that I only send out in my emails and not write full posts on!

Hope you all have a fabulous start to your week! All my love!

Xx, Karlie


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  1. 1.29.18
    taylor said:

    Girl!! Mac is like my favorite foundation. I have tried so many! Although recently I tried the Double Wear and loved It too!!

    • 1.30.18
      Karlie Rae said:

      Yes girl!! The coverage is SO good!! Love it! I need to try Double Wear I’ve heard so many good things about it!!

  2. 2.6.18

    Nice makeup collection 🙂 🙂

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