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The ‘cozy trend’ was huge over these winter months and is one that I don’t see slowing down as spring comes. I am sure than any of you reading this that physically have an Instagram account have seen these sherpas all over. They really were the ‘it’ item this season!! When I got my package from Southern Shirt in the mail, I did an InstaStory try on session for you guys and got such a good response that you all loved them!! So I knew I had to do a more permanent post with their items for those of you who may have missed it otherwise I feel that I’d be doing you guys a disservice 🙂

I found Southern Shirt via Instagram because a couple of my favorite girls, (Bre and Sam) had been posting in their sherpas and I just thought they were so dang cute I had to get in touch with them! So I was thrilled when they agreed to work together because this coziness is right up my alley. A couple of my favorite things from them is this sherpa vest, and also their sherpa pullover. I got the pullover in two colors and also in two different sizes because I wanted to see how their sizing works and for the vest I will say it runs true to size, but the pullovers I would size down! Unless you want that super oversized look. I even asked them for a discount code to give you guys because I know you will love them!!  You can use the code INF-KARLIE15 at checkout to get 15% off your order 🙂

I layered my vest over this turtleneck which I have gotten SO much use out of lately!! It has been my go to piece for layering and you will definitely be seeing in come into more looks in future posts. It comes in a couple different colors and is only $20! This thin turtle necks also look so cute with skirts or tucked into denim. They are a must have basic in my opinion! I of course wore this pair of denim because it is probably my go to denim 80% of the time haha! It runs small so size up! And last, these shoes are so dang cute. I got them at Target but for some reason it says they are only sold in store now and not online so below in my carousel of items linked for this post I’ll include a couple of my current favorite pink loafers for you incase you feel like your wardrobe needs them! I know I am pulling these ones out to wear constantly!!

As for my personal life, Al and I have been so consumed with work lately this seems to be a really busy season for us!! I’ve mentioned a couple of times but we spur of the moment decided we needed some sunshine and are headed to Scottsdale, AZ in three weeks so we just gotta power through this time so we can get some deserved relaxation. ☀️ We are also on the car hunt, looking for a new SUV for me to drive and I have been loving how invested you guys are over Instagram to help us out! We are trying to take our time and enjoy it because it really is fun to go test drive and see all the cars up close! Interiors are definitely my favorite part to go look at!

On another note, I was on the phone yesterday with my friend, Heather, and I was having a little vent session about my acne breakouts and how it’s been a really rough winter – I cannot seem to get them under control. Anyways, she challenged me to cut out dairy for a couple of weeks to see if that is the problem (which she says she’s positive it is haha). So wish me luck. This is going to be really hard on me as I don’t have very much self control, but I guess it will be good for me to see if this is the root of my problem AND cutting out dairy is going to have a lot of other benefits than just my skin. I’ll try to keep you guys in the know of this experiment of mine incase any of you are dealing with something similar!! I have never ever cut dairy out in my life, I love ice cream and cheese 😫 Prayers appreciated!!!

Hope your week is going great! If you get yourself a new sherpa, you better let me know!! I know you will love it and it will be the most cozy piece you own ❤️

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Happy Wednesday! Xx, Karlie



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