Your New Spot For Doughnuts In Seattle

My Look: Sweater | Skirt | Boots

Bre’s Look: Dress | Jacket | Booties

Photos x Sarah Wolfe 

One thing I have promised you beautiful people is more Seattle talk! I know for some of you locals, you love finding new places to go, AND for those of you who come to visit, you want to know the must-sees and the must-eats! Before I dive into this post, to make it easy to find any ‘Seattle’ posts…if you scroll to the bottom of this page (on mobile) or look at my side bar (on desktop), you will find a search bar. I have the search bar on all pages other than my home page! Just type ‘Seattle’ in, and any post talking about Seattle will pop up! That goes for any topic you want to search! Under the search bar you will also see ‘categories’ and if you click on that, all the categories I write about will come up so you can click on any category to view all related posts! Just a little refresher 🙂

This was my first time at General Porpoise Doughnuts and I’ve jumped on the band wagon – I’m a fan!! I got the vanilla cream doughnut…basic? I might be. But I can’t lie, vanilla is my favorite in so many categories – milk shakes, Haagen Dazs ice cream, and in creme doughnuts. I paired it with a vanilla latte…SHOCK. But both were so tasty and such a treat! This shop is darling and is the perfect spot for a morning date, a ‘instagram photo date’ with your girls, or to come sit and work! My favorite part? In all honesty, the pink door. Definitely add this to your list of coffee spots to hit in the city!

For Bre and I’s looks…these are both so darling for Spring! Both outfits transition well with the sweater, boots, and jacket and are all versatile pieces that you will be able to style again and again. Are you ladies feeling colors for this upcoming season or neutrals?! I’m so curious at what you guys are diggin’ and want to make sure to create looks with pieces that I find and know you will all LOVE! So if you could do me a huge favor and comment below…colors or neutrals?! 

I hope your mid-week is bright! See you next time and as always, thanks for stopping by!



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  1. 3.14.18
    Christina said:

    I’m a little bit of both! I don’t prefer bright reds, but loveeee mustard!

    • 3.15.18
      Karlie Rae said:

      Ah!! Mustard is my FAVE lately!! And I totally have to admit I hated that red was in at the beginning but now I love it!! It’s definitely more bold so you just have to find the perfect red piece ❤️ But I just bought 2 more mustard pieces this week so I’ll be posting lots of that color for sure!

  2. 3.15.18

    I think you should do a mix of neutrals and colors! I feel like everyone has so many neutral staples so maybe some outfits that have that one POP of color piece, or a few pieces. I like to have my go to neutrals, but then also branch out during spring and summer. Love the post! Xoxo.

    • 3.15.18
      Karlie Rae said:

      Yes agreed! Spring and summer are totally the time of year that colors start to come out! I’m pretty daring with my style sometimes but I also want to make sure I’m creating relatable content that will help out my readers at the same time so just trying to figure out what kind of spring looks my tribe wants to see!! I love that you say to do a mix of both because I’m definitely thinking that too!!

      Thank you Katie!! xoxo!

  3. 3.15.18
    Rebecca Kate said:

    I’d love to see colors!

    • 3.15.18
      Karlie Rae said:

      Ah yay!! I love colors but know so many people prefer all basics so I’m happy that girls want to see outfits with color too because those are just so fun for me! Got a couple new colored pieces this week I can’t wait to shoot & share!! ❤️

  4. 3.15.18
    Alyssa Cornelius said:

    I love colors! Especially florals for this spring!

    • 3.15.18
      Karlie Rae said:

      Yay Lyss!! So happy you want colors too they are so fun to style! 😍

  5. 3.15.18
    Natalie said:

    Neutrals with a pop or bright colors like a bright pink or something!!

    • 3.15.18
      Karlie Rae said:

      Love that!! Yay thanks so much girl!! xoxo

  6. 3.15.18
    Jessica said:

    Colors please!!! Everyone always has neutral everrrrything and I’m a little tired of it. I’m actually seeking out colorful things to buy because white, gray and black have taken over my closet. I LOVE colors for spring and summer and as a blonde I definitely feel like colors are more flattering for me lol!

    • 3.15.18
      Karlie Rae said:

      Ah yay that makes me so happy!! I love colors – especially during Spring and Summer so it’s actually hard for me to wear a bunch of basics these months anyways! But I wanted to kinda see what you guys were thinking so I knew what I should style for ya’ll!! Thanks so much!! xoxo

  7. 3.15.18

    Colors all the way! Bring on spring and all it’s lovely colors 🙂 love to see what you have in store.

    • 3.15.18
      Karlie Rae said:

      Yay!! I’m so shocked at how many people are saying colors I was totally expecting neutrals but this makes me so happy because it’s my exact thoughts! Can’t wait to show you babes all the colorful pieces I grabbed recently!! 😍 xoxo!!

  8. 3.15.18
    Blue Pop said:

    Please do a mix of both 🙂

    • 3.16.18
      Karlie Rae said:

      Awesome!! Will do! Thanks so much 🙂

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