3 Simple Ways To “Spring” Up Your Living Room

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I’m sure most of you who aren’t local have noticed based on my Instagram, but it’s finally SPRING in Seattle!! Ahh! We are always behind when Spring starts hitting other spots of the country, but let me tell you guys – when it comes there’s nothing like the PNW in the sunshine. We are hitting 80 degrees this week! With this change of season, I am so happy to be partnering with eBay to share how I’ve given my living room a Spring update! Now that I’m almost two years into being a wifey, wife duties are in full swing. Keeping our decor align with seasons / holidays is something I always want to be doing for my husband and someday our family.

All that said, today I’m sharing 3 simple things to do and/or add to your living space to ‘Spring’ it up.

Get a new vase + fresh blooms – First off, I gotta admit that I am one of those people that feel like they can never have enough flower vases. I have my simple glass ones and mason jar style ones, but sometimes bringing out more of a statement vase can set a completely different mood in your room. I don’t buy flowers often in the colder months but once the sun starts peeping out, blooms are on my weekly grocery list. All honesty they just make me happy and my mood brighter to have them around my house. I got this ‘bucket-style’ vase and it’s totally different than any of the ones I currently have. I’m really excited about how big of arrangements I can fit in it and love the style and coloring.

Bring in some color – You guys know my style is tons of neutrals. Black, white, and grays are my jam. For this reason, I like to have all my large items remain neutral but bring in pops of color with some of smaller items. Something I would love to do this with is my throw pillows! Next on my list is having seasonal pillows on my couch that I change out. Some yellow, orange, or even blush pink would be so fun to bring in to match the sunshine!

Add some white, acrylic, or glass pieces. Keep things minimal – If you guys watched the home tour I did on my YouTube channel, I touched on this for a second, but I love what glass and acrylic pieces do for a space. If you have a smaller or more compact home, doing see-through furniture keeps the spaces looking larger. Our living room is pretty compact so we always opt for acrylic or glass tables. If you aren’t into the see-through items, white pieces are gorgeous as well and will brighten your room up! Our biggest update to our ‘spring’ living room has been our new table that I grabbed from the current sale up to 40% off + free shipping. Side note, it’s been YEARS…I mean years since I’ve shopped at eBay. And something that I was so happy to see was that 81% of the merchandise is new and available with the “Buy It Now” options (no bidding!) I had NO idea about this so I just wanted to throw this out there! I know some of you probably haven’t shopped there in awhile, some of you maybe never, so I wanted to share with you guys that I’ve been there!! And now have a beautiful Spring living room full of eBay! To head straight to the page the gives you the good stuff aka deals, click here 🙂


Those are my top 3 tips and I’m excited to hear what you guys end up doing to your own spaces to make it warm weather ready, make sure to comment below and we can chat / help each other out with new ideas!! Hope you are all getting some sun rays in your life!!

All my love!



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