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Alright babes, (and gents if you’re reading this haha), I am so excited for today’s Thumbs Up Thursday and to chat today about my top favorite thing that I’ve added to my morning routine…ice rolling! The first time I actually ever heard / saw ice rolling (also known as jade rolling) was on my friend Taylor’s Instagram story! She was always on there rolling away and I was always so intrigued as to why she loved it so much! Eventually she wrote about it on her blog, and I knew it was something I needed to give a try for myself. Best part? I got my roller for only $12!! It’s such an inexpensive thing to add to your routine!

If you have been following along on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve seen me with my towel wrapped around my head, fresh out of the shower, and rolling this little gadget around my face. I did a poll to ask how many of you wanted me to address this on my blog, rather than just talking about it on stories and 98% of you wanted a blog post so here we are! I’m so excited to dive into my morning routine a little and also let you guys hear from some other babes who love it too!

Let’s start with the benefits!

  • Reduces puffiness – I’m sure most of us know what it’s like to wake up first thing in the morning and either feel like our whole face is puffy, or at least our under-eyes. The cold therapy reduces puffiness and is the perfect refresh.
  • Shrinkage – yup…it physically shrinks your pores. Not only is this a major benefit for the appearance, but it also prevents them getting clogged with dirt, makeup, you name it, that causes breakouts!!
  • Evens tones – the cold actually gives your skin a more even tone.
  • Reduces acne irritation – rolling over areas where you are breaking out will help with the appearance of the redness and puffiness that comes along with acne.
  • Prevents / gets rid of headaches – This is amazing! I occasionally wake up with slight headaches, and my husband gets migraines so this has been my go to thing when headaches occur in my household!
  • Anti-aging – this ‘ice facial’ (I like call it) is a perfect addition to your anti-aging routine. It tightens up and aids in preventing wrinkles!
  • Aids in lymph drainage and increases blood flow 
  • Relieves stress 
  • Clears toxins from skin 
  • Tones facial muscles


My routine:

You can really roll whenever you’d like – whether that be morning or at night. I personally love to do it in the mornings! I will wake up, wash my face, spray my toner on, and apply my serum. I included 2 different products that I’ll use in this post and it really depends what you prefer! One is a cream, and one is more of a liquid serum. Both are vitamin C products which is a must for me every morning! I alternate between the two of these 🙂 The cream is more of a splurge, but you can get the liquid serum one for only $20!

*Some quick vitamin C serum benefits incase you are not familiar or don’t already have it in your routine are: collagen reproduction, protection from UV damage, brighter, healthier, smoother skin, and reduces fine lines and dark spots. The anti-aging benefits are major! I would 100% add this into your routine if it’s not in it already!

I store the ice part in my freezer, and the handle in my pantry so I can easily grab the two and put together. My favorite time to roll is while drinking my morning coffee and I’ll do so for about 10 minutes! I have loved adding this into my routine so much, my morning doesn’t seem complete without it anymore!!

Other times I’ll use it is when headaches come on, this summer I’ll be using it if my face ever gets sunburnt, and the occasional night time roll, especially if my skin is dealing with breakouts!


Like I do with all my #ThumbsUpThursdays, here are what some of you had to say about ice / jade rolling!

@oliviajohnson6 – “I do it every morning when I drink my coffee and it was made such a difference!!! I highly recommend it to all!! My puffiness goes away instantly!!”

@taylor_lovee – “Ice rolling has become something that I do every single morning! It helps SO much with inflammation and puffiness in the under eye area. It’s something quick, easy, & inexpensive that you can do to prep your face for the day! I’ve also noticed that it helps with redness if you’re dealing with a breakout. It’s safe to say I’m obsessed!”

@kathleen.post – “I love ice rolling because it helps get rid of my sleeping-looking and swollen morning face! The ice cold sensation wakes me up and helps me feel more alive in the morning!”


If any of you have ice rolling as a part of your routine, make sure to comment below your experience or favorite things about it! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I will put a Pinterest-ready photo that you can pin it to your skincare or beauty boards to easily find later!


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Happy Thursday babes!!



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