Our Big News! We Bought A New House!!

It’s been a long time coming and I am so excited to update you guys with our life and tell all of you that we bought a new house!! Keeping this secret from my online fam has been SO hard but Al and I wanted to make sure everything went over smoothly and was set in stone before telling you guys about this new chapter!

Now for story time because I’m sure a lot of you have some questions and are wondering why the heck we are leaving our beloved Lang Love Shack on the lake. As I’m sure most of you know, Al and I bought a small lake house when we were engaged and spent our entire engagement and first 8 months of marriage remodeling. We love our house and the lake life is truly like nothing else in the world. When we were engaged we were thinking we would be able to stay in that house for 5 years or so because that was our timeline for when we thought we were gonna want to start having babies. Now we are not pregnant, which most people we have told have assumed and I’m sure a lot of you are too 😂 But all of that said, we do see it happening sooner than our original 5 year plan! Our house isn’t tiny, but it doesn’t have a lot of space and bedrooms to grow a family in. So we’ve always known that we’d likely move before starting a family so that we can be in a home we can really grow into.

If you’ve been following along on my Instagram stories, you’ve heard me chat a couple of times how this decision has been taking a toll on us. For the past few months we have started to discuss building a house in the next year or so, giving us at least another year on the lake and living on the same street as our parents. Even thinking of moving in a year was hard for me to grasp because I love where we are at so much. About 3 weeks ago, Al came home one day after work and started talking about how we should think about buying the last house that is available in a neighborhood that our family building business just developed. I was super shocked because the house was almost completely finished and I knew that would mean moving before the best part of the year on the water – summer. I also did not feel ready to leave and not that soon. But I knew I had to be open to the idea because I already knew I absolutely loved the neighborhood and I could tell he was seriously debating it and it wasn’t just a light hearted comment. That same evening we went over to look at it and walk through since I’d been there but hadn’t looked at it from a perspective of us buying and living there. We went to that house probably 4 times that week just contemplating, praying, talking to our parents, and trying to get some guidance about this decision. It also took us over a week to start leaning towards making the move and we had a lot of little signs a long the way that seemed to be pushing us in that direction. We also found a buyer for our lake house immediately, just by word of mouth, without even having to put it on the market which was a huge blessing! To touch on why we decided to go here instead of waiting a year and building…this neighborhood is exactly what we saw when we envisioned where we would live next. Being that this was the last house in there, we didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to live here. Also another huge pull factor is that 3 of the other homes in the neighborhood were built & bought by some of our family members! In that neighborhood we will be with Al’s brother, his wife, and our 3 nephews. We will be right across from our cousins who also have two boys. And Al’s aunt who he actually does real estate with is building in there right now too and will be moving in later in the year! So there is already a huge sense of community which was really important for me when determining where we were gonna go next. We just don’t know if we waited, we would get that with our next move. It is going to be so dang fun and if you know us you know how close we are with our family. It will be like living next to some of our best friends.

Once we decided that this was the next step for us, we luckily got to pick some of the finishings in the house! We got to pick the kitchen cabinet colors, redesign the fireplace, and add some other fun statements that are really going to make this house our style! So it was really perfect that we didn’t have to build from scratch like we thought we were going to, (Al and I are the most indecisive people I know so huge decisions like that take us forever haha), but we still got to customize a lot of it!

A couple key things that our current house doesn’t have that our next house will are bath tubs, a garage, a home office, a fenced yard, multiple bedrooms and a bonus room, and a ‘walkable’ road/neighborhood! We are so excited about these things!! Anytime I’ve felt the want to take a bath, I currently have to go to my moms and take one at her house haha. And we are both stoked about parking in a garage and having that extra storage space! And I know once we fence our yard that Leo is going to be in doggy HEAVEN and run wild & free. For the ‘walkable’ road, where we are at is walkable but won’t be someday when we have kids and strollers! We do it with Leo all the time but the road that wraps around the lake is pretty windy with blind corners and is really narrow. So we are so excited to go on walks and bike rides!!

All of this is happening so fast, we actually are planning on moving in the first week of May! We also are leaving most all of our decor and furniture in our current home for the new buyers so are completely starting over in the new house which is going to be soo much work. I’m excited to have a nice fresh canvas to decorate and make our own but I know it’s not going to happen over night haha. It sounds like we will spend the first maybe couple of weeks with just a mattress! But I’m so excited to finally share this and be able to take you guys along the journey from here on out and into this next chapter of our lives! We are so excited to make new memories and keep building this life together. We also feel so blessed that we are living somewhere that it so hard to say goodbye to and has brought us lots of tears as we are leaving. The bright side to all of this is that our new house is a short 6ish minute drive from where we are now, and both our parents still live on the lake so we will still be out on it daily! I know that the lake lifestyle will still be a huge part of us ❤

Anyways! I know this post was so crazy long, it just felt so crazy to me that so much has been going on in our lives and that I haven’t been able to update you guys!! I’ll be sure to keep the ‘move’ content coming and show you guys around our new home!!

Cheers to new chapters!



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  1. 4.27.18
    Morgan said:

    SOooooooooo EXCITED!!!!!! Your siblings can’t wait to have you as neighbors!

    • 4.30.18
      Karlie Rae said:

      AHHH! Seriously so happy and can’t wait!! At least we only have about a week longer! ❤️❤️

  2. 4.28.18
    Mariana Frometa said:

    So exciting!!! I am so happy for you and your little family. Just imagine the amazing memories your future children will have living in a community that has been built with so much love and family values. Even though Lake Sawyer is the bees knees (lol). I cannot wait to see you make this new house your home. Now that you finally made the LangLoveShack house tour is time to go… but you know what that means?! NEW HOME TOUR!! Congratulations Sweet Girl! I’m so excited for you!

    • 4.30.18
      Karlie Rae said:

      Aw Mariana you are seriously the sweetest!! Thanks so much love! Yes hopefully this time I will be better and get a house tour up as soon as we’ve furnished and not wait 2 years hahaha! Thank you for all the kind words they seriously mean the world!! ❤️❤️

  3. 5.2.18

    Hi Karlie,
    Congratulations to you & your hubby on the new house. I do 100% customizable abstract painting on canvases & just created an etsy account to try to get the word out because the goal is to do this full time. I am looking for people to promote my paintings & in return they will get customized canvases of their choice and style. Below I will attach my email address & shop link, it shows the different sizes I have available, I can do any color & glitter accent is option & basically comes in EVERY color, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  4. 7.16.18

    Now that is an amazing house! Congratulations.

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