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As I am writing this post I cannot believe that I haven’t shared this goodness with you guys sooner! I remember the minute I got engaged, I went straight to my mother-in-law, (who is my go-to for tons of things in life – skincare, makeup, recipes, health tips, you name it) and asked her what cleaner I should buy to give my ring that extra sparkle when it’s gone through days of lotions, makeup, etc. For any of you engaged or married, you know how obsessed you are with your ring, especially at first, and I just wanted to clean that baby all the time haha! I was expecting to have to splurge on some steaming machine or something fancy to clean this important item, but boy was I pleasantly surprised. She showed me her $13 ring cleaner and two and a half years later, I can say it’s one of my favorite under $15 buys.

Using this cleaner is not only easy but QUICK. You simply fill the jar with warm water, add some drops of cleaner, let your ring soak for 30 seconds, brush it with the brush, and rinse! It’s such a simple task that makes a HUGE difference. Guys I’m not kidding. My husband knows I have this cleaner and nearly every single time I clean my ring he notices and asks if I did it recently! I don’t clean my ring super often, but I love to do it before an event / holiday, before a vacation, or if I apply lotion or anything forgetting to take it off. It gives you ring that perfect sparkle and new feeling all over again.

I keep calling it a ‘ring cleaner’ but it really works for all kinds of jewelry! I know I’ve used it for other nice pieces I own and it’s a great thing to have, even if you aren’t engaged or married for any other jewelry you own! And to have around for when that time comes 😉

As always, I asked you lovely gals what your thoughts on this cleaner were and here are some of the messages I got:

@mairynn_simpkins – “Yes 😍 I love it because it’s so easy to use! + it really does make your ring sparkle. I’ve tried other ring cleaners and this one is a good price and it definitely does the job of cleaning your ring! Definitely highly recommend!”

@meowdison16 – “I’ve found it way easier to clean my jewelry weekly rather than take it to the store. Great for everything from my engagement ring to my earrings. So easy to use and clean! Would recommend to anyone with nice jewelry needing a little extra dazzle 💍✨”

@kristinncoffey – I’ve used this for the past 2 years and LOVE IT!!!”

@tiffany_lang_ – “You recommended it to me and I bought it and love it!!!”



I know you guys will love this cleaner as much as we all do!! Make sure to come back after purchasing and comment your thoughts too! ❤

Happy Thursday babes!

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