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Al and I decided to move super last minute as most of you here know. We weren’t seeking a new house or building, the opportunity just came our way. All that said, these past few weeks have been absolutely INSANE prepping our house for a move. Our current house has no garage but has a basement, so our basement has become a hoarder’s paradise…stuff everywhere haha. We rarely go down there and anytime I want to ‘hide’ something…down it goes. For those of you who know me personally, you know I’m very ‘type b’ aka not organized, not a planner, etc.  Every year of being a wifey I’m trying to improve in these categories 😂 All that said, when we decided we were moving…I made a vow to myself that I would be a lot more organized in our new house. (I’m actually going slightly crazy and have all these fun organization ideas haha we will see how many of them I actually do). I know that as we bring everything we own over to a new house, things will get super messy and be all over the place, so I started some simple tasks in our current house that will make our move a little easier.


Storage organization – One thing that I have always wanted to get under control is all the items that you keep in your house, yet barely use. In our new garage I know that we will have extra space for bins and such so I wanted to get a head start and start putting things into categorized plastic bins. All the things in these boxes are ones that we still want/need but I don’t want to find room inside our house for. Examples of ones I’ve done so far are games, Christmas, gift bags, wedding keepsakes, childhood memories, seasonal decor (fourth of July, fall, etc.). I got them from my local grocery store, as well as the black labels, and chalk pens. But I linked similar ones for you guys if you are more of Amazon shoppers 😉

Donating – This was a pretty big thing and helped us a lot when it came to moving things to the new house. Before moving, we went through our basement, clothes, products, really everything and made piles of things that were in good condition or never been used that someone else may want, need, or love. A friend of mine has a connection with a high school counselor so all my products and clothing are going to teen girls in need, and then we did goodwill for some of the random things that we didn’t want to just toss.

Garbage – I’m not sure if this will apply to everybody but BOY OH BOY did it apply to us. Since we completely gutted and remodeled our current home, we had so much garbage…again, especially in the basement. Just random things from the remodel that we didn’t throw out, or didn’t know if we’d use. That kind of stuff. We also went through our bathroom and threw out all our empty products and just random trash that’s accumulated over time. This was a full day’s work in itself I swear.

Address changing – We still haven’t done this with everything, but we’ve started checking off the list day by day. There’s so many things including your cable, doctor, insurance, bank, post office, etc. It’s quite overwhelming but I found some good checklists on Pinterest that are making this task a little easier! Just print a list that you find and physically check each thing off as you make the change.

Moving less than 10 minutes away has been quite the blessing because we didn’t have to get a U-Haul or pack everything super organized. We’ve just been running over as many things as our cars will hold, over and over again for the past 3 days.


For those of you who’d like a little moving update: today is our final cleaning of our current house so we tried to get almost everything out yesterday. We still have our daily essentials, as well as some clothing to get us through this upcoming week, but everything else is gone! Tonight will be our last night in the #LangLoveShack, we will have to be out first thing in the morning tomorrow. Even typing that gave me an instant stomach ache. I just know we will miss this house and it holds a million irreplaceable memories. It’s definitely something we will tell our kids and our grand babies about.

Our new house still has some finishing work to get done that will take about an additional week or so. In the meantime, we will be staying at my in laws (yay to my father in law’s cooking!!!) and will have ‘overnight’ type bags with whatever we need for this upcoming week. I did an Instagram live last week and took some of you through our new house but I know the connection was bad so as soon as we get wifi there I’ll be sure to do another one! Hopefully by that point we will be actually living there!

I also know this move has made me way more inactive than I usually am so thank you everyone for sticking out this busy time!! Hope you are all having a great start to your week!!


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  1. 5.23.18

    Loved your story. You look so happy!

    • 5.24.18
      Karlie Rae said:

      So sweet! Thank you Amanda!!

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