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I have been meaning write this post for quite some time now! Today’s talk: curling irons! If you have been following me or know me personally, you know that I try out new hair tools ALL THE TIME. I have tried tons and tons of flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers – and while I do end up finding many that I like for different reasons, I do seem to find my favorites for more every day usage.

My junior or senior year of high school I started using Hot Tools curling irons – a $50 wonder!! Now, $50 isn’t cheap…but when it comes to a GOOD curling iron, it really is a great deal. I just recently went to Ulta actually and bought a new one (my third 1 & 1/4 inch Hot Tools iron now)! I buy a new one every 3ish years just to get a fresh one in hand again!

Let’s talk size. I have tried bigger sizes trying to get a more relaxed, beachy wave. I’ve also tried smaller sizes trying to get more curl up at my base. And after all that, the 1 1/4 inch is the size for me. I used it back when I had 22″ long hair extensions and I used it when I chopped my hair off. It really has worked for every length of hair I’ve had. It also keeps my curls curled all day without falling out, of course they do relax overtime, but with the larger barrel sometimes they would fall almost completely straight.

Alright, some reasons I love this iron. So many of you have asked me how to curl your hair without getting those awful kinks due to the clamp. This iron has never made those kinks in my hair! I do never hold it in one spot too long as part of my curling technique, but even if I zone out and leave it longer than I’d like, I’m not trying to straighten any crazy kinks out afterwards. This iron also maintains my curls which I mentioned above. And last, I recently purchased the black & white version and it is so pretty! I’m a sucker for pretty hair tools and it is often a part of my decision when choosing a new one.


As always, I asked you guys over Instagram if you’ve used this curling iron and your thoughts on it and here’s what you babes said! (PS I do this for every Thumbs Up Thursday and the response I got on Instagram was UNREAL!!! I’ve never had so many reviews on any of my TUT’s before!! I had to include them all (hopefully!) because I’m just so thankful that this many of you want to be a part of these posts!! You guys seriously are THE BEST.

@brookeh34 – Hot Tools are the ONLY curling irons I use!! And I’ve been doing hair for 10+ years!!

@haleyahanson – I love my Hot Tools curling iron! I use the 1 and 1/2 inch barrel and it works fantastic. It gets hot enough to keep the curls in my hair all day long and hasn’t burned my hair either! Love it and totally recommend it to everyone!

@helloburpees – I love my hot tools curling iron so much. I got it for my birthday a few years ago and it has become my go to. I have super long and thick hair, most curling irons would pinch my hair because it would get caught in. The hot tools one is smooth and my hair glides right through it!

@janalcash – I have used a hot tools 1 1/4 inch for the past 6 years!! It is a great,  relatively inexpensive iron. My first iron lasted over 5 years and I actually just purchased a replacement last month! Love hot tools!

@milaneyakarcha – This curling iron is my go to. I get the perfect curls! Definitely my favorite for a couple years now.

@karaann706 – I love, love my gold 1in for the price! Not crazy about the rainbow 1/5in. Doesn’t hold a curl as well or get as hot. Wish they all had a automatic shut off!

@juliecgutierrez – I have the hot tools curl bar and I absolutely LOVE it! The curl bar has an adjustable heat knob as well as a timer that you can adjust to the thickness of your hair so it gives you a great curl! It’s got an amazing handle for comfortable curling sine my shoulder has several old injuries in it from cheer! It’s seriously the best curling iron I own!

@christinerhodes – I love my hot tools curling iron!@ I’ve had it for several years, and it’s never let me down. So easy to use!

@marissaxonicolee – This curling iron makes my hair feel smooth and makes my waves feel natural! I didn’t like that others made my hair felt like it was burning off. This brand really helps with natural curls and keeps my hair healthy!

@emma_roberts28 – I bought the Hot Tools Professional Marcel Iron (1 1/4″) cuz I saw someone use it on their Instagram stories and it was sooo fast and made her curls look amazing!! Buttt idk if it’s just because I have SUPER thick and long hair, but I’ve tried it about 3-4 times & every time I’m disappointed. Which sucks, cuz I want to love it!

@kaiilamiia – This curling iron has been my savior since high school!! Recently just got their curl bar set with the different sizes and I love it ❤

@erin_r29 – I own the hot tools 1.25in flipperless wand and it’s amazing! It gives me the bigger, beach curls that I love!

@baileylynnesimon – I bought the 1 1/4 inch after one of your Instagram lives when you talked about it, and I absolutely love IT! It gives the best beachy waves and I love that you can use the clamp or just wrap your hair around it! So versatile. ❤

@dowlingfaith – I love my hot tools! Thew 1 1/4 inch barrel is perfect for beach wave curls and the irons are always super smooth so they are better for your hair and taming the frizz!

@thechristinalu – I love my hot tools! I use the 1.25″ barrel & it gives me the perfect loose curls!

@lizmarymarie – I use it for all my clients to create the signature beachy wave, girls come back asking how I did their hair, and I can truly say that no other curling iron creates the signature wave like hot tools ❤

@courtneypaige.xo – I use the hot tools 1.25″ & I absolutely LOVE the waves it gives to my hair. I also love how it gives that “second day” hair look right after I curl it! 😍

@daphnepodolak – love using my hot tools iron! So many people think you need to use the most expensive tools to get good hair and I totally disagree as a hairstylist. I think how you take care of your hair and the products you use is important but save your money and get a quality iron for less! ❤

@ashley.keez – I use the 1 1/4 inch ceramicTI Tourmaline curling iron. It makes soft, shiny curls and heats up fast. Love the fact that it’s purple too!

@m0always – I love hot tools! I have the 1inch curling iron and it works really well! Heats up really fast and hot for fast holding curls! I like my curls a lot looser so I’m totally fine with curling it quick (: and with the affordable price it’s great for any buy! I purchased mine from Ulta

@frankespedal – I use their 1″ curling wand and it has lasted me for YEARS! I think I bought it in 2012 and it still works as good as the day I bought it.

@lipstick_nlabels – I have the Hot Tools Precious Metals 1 1/4 Inch 24K Gold Salon Curling Iron Gold Handle! Absolutely love. Perfect for a looser looking curl/wave and super easy to use. Creates shiny curls with an all day hold. Great quality for the price and would definitely recommend! – I love it! I think I have the 1″ and it is perfect for beachy waves as you just run your hand through! I haven’t used it a ton because after I got it I chopped my hair and I have super thick hair so I looked like Shirley Temple ha!

@tlsparks8 – I use their wand and seriously love it! Not too tight of a curl but not too loose of a wave, just perfectly in the middle & more natural looking than results I’ve gotten with past curling irons or wands.

@____britttttttt – Hot tools are one of my favorites I’ve used. It’s all I use at the salon I work at right now. I love the temperature gage, how quickly they heat up and the curls they give are amazing.

@alycie14 – As a hairstylist, I LOVE hot tools curling irons 😍

@randiroberts – I love hot tools!! I have one and it’s lasted so long! The best curling iron I’ve ever owned by far!

@southernfaithful – Have done hair for 10 years and they’re still my fave!! Have every size

@natalie.williams__ – Yesss love hot tools! I have the 1 1/4 inch rainbow gold curling iron with extended barrel. I love the longer barrel for medium-long hair…it really helped with the learning curve that comes with using an iron with a clamp! Every hot tools product I’ve used has been amazing 😊

@emmavwyatt – I personally love it I use the 1 1/4 in too! And I love it although my hair doesn’t hold curl very well.

@lauren_bag – love my hot tools curling iron! With a larger barrel you can still choose between loose or tight curls… so it’s easy to mix in different hairstyles!

 @vanessabenincasa – I absolutely love my hot shot curler! I have super thick hair (chest length) and it holds my curls all day (sometimes to the next day). I would definitely recommend!

@allisonschroeder – I’ve used the (super cute and purple) hot tools curler for a few months new and I LOVE IT!!!! It curls my hair so well.

@jess__andy – I love my 1″ Hot Tools curling iron! My hair used to never stay curled, but I was apart of an outside wedding two weekends ago where the temp was almost 100 degrees! My hair stayed curled all day without any hairspray 🙂

@_bwatson – Love my hot tools! I purchased the red sparkles cloud during Christmas 3 years ago and I will NEVER go without it

@laura.h.myers – I use the hot tools 1 inch wand and looove it! And have also been using the same one since high school 😂

@_clairetang – I love my hot tools curling iron! I use the 1 1/4 inch and I feel like it doesn’t need to get as hot as other iron to do a curl. So less damage. 👌🏻

@kristyleighod – I swear by my hot tools curling irons! I have been buying them since high school too. They just hold up so well and aren’t super expensive! 😊

@emilykaay_ – The hot tools curling iron that I have can be so versatile, giving tight curls to a more loose wave! It holds the curl quite well too without hairspray! Love it & still in great condition after a few years! 😊

@sgemullins – I am obsessed with my Hot Tools iron! I have a 1 inch barrel and it has lasted since my senior year of high school all the way to my senior year of college. I recently purchased a 2″ iron of a different brand and I’ve already noticed the difference in how quickly my curls fall and the overall texture of my hair when I style it using any other than my Hot Tools.

@jackiebarringer – I have two of their wands & one curling iron. I have the nano ceramic bubble curling one which I actually prefer over my rainbow gold tapered one. The nanocermaic technology definitely makes a world of a difference in my opinion! 🙌🏼 I find that my hair has more shine & less frizz when I use this one. I rarely use my gold 1 1/4 curling iron as I feel the barrel is just a little too large but will say, if I had extra time to get ready, I will use the curling iron. Most days, the wand is just faster!

@britniweiss – I LOVE the hot tools curling iron! I used to have so many issues with pulling on my hair and it doesn’t do that. It also feels like it’s not a damaging as a regular iron.

@samanthaslimp – Oh my gosh. I’ve used hot tools forever. I used a couple different barrel sizes depending on occasion but they are all wonderful. I basically use my curling irons until the springs break and it takes years to do that. I curl my hair like everyday so a good quality long lasting curling iron is my best friend. I also like the heat settings on them because ehyou can change it based on how well your thumb handles heat. Thumbs up for sure.

@1breanna.nichole – I LOVE HOT TOOLS! I used it for my dance curls back in the day when I danced competitively. The curls would stay perfect all day. And the curling iron is super light weight and easy to travel with!

@nicole.joyy – The hot tools curling line is amazing! The price and quality is perfect and I love how it can hold a curl for even the straightest of hair ❤

@kosmalaaa – Love hot tools! Best curling iron I’ve owned. It heats up so fast and takes maybe 5 min to curl my hair. So easy to use!



WELL! If you guys made it to the end…MAJOR PROPS TO YOU! haha I cannot believe the response I got from this iron and it is truly amazing! Makes me so thankful to have you all as a community on here!! Thank you thank you thank you! Since I included all your Instagram handles, you should go follow each other and connect! ❤

Hope you are all having an amazing week! If you go purchase any Hot Tools, make sure to come back to this post and share your experience!!

All my love!



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