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Alright friends, I know I said I was going to write this post back in May when I got my eyelash extensions put back on, but it got away from me and now I am finally able to take the time to sit and chat with you about lash extensions and my personal journey with them.

I know I start a lot of posts this way, but I am no last expert – this post is just my personal experience and what I know about the topic! My blog is more of a diary for me rather than a place where I pretend to know everything haha. So to start, here’s a little back story.

I first got eyelash extensions back around mid 2015. At this time I was working in the salon still and had a good friendship with a lady at our salon who was starting to offer them as a service. We did a little trade at the time where she would practice on me as I was working at the front desk, so I’d be a little walking advertisement! Anytime people would check-out and compliment my lashes, I’d always be able to tell them all about the extensions and how I got them done right in that same salon! (This sounds like aspects of blogging in real life haha!) So this was the first time I got them. I kept them on for a few months, then took them off to take a little break. During this time I asked my lash technician tons of questions and learned a lot about taking care of them and how to avoid damage.

The next time I got lash extensions was in 2016 while we were engaged! I wanted them for our engagement photos, bridal shower, wedding, honeymoon, etc. I knew tons of photos would be taken during that time and they really do photograph so well! I kept them on until right after my honeymoon, then deciding to give my lashes a break.

Now this is my third time getting them! This time I wanted them for summer and weddings and all that jazz! I love having them for summer and vacations when you don’t really feel like wearing as much makeup. They make it easier to get through those no makeup days since you feel like that part of your makeup is done all the time.

Now onto some of the things you are wanting to know about them!

Q: “How do you clean your lashes / eyes?” A: To be honest, this was a hard one to get used to! I love to scrub my eye makeup off at the end of the night so this initially took lots of reminding myself to be more gentle. To take my makeup off, I will use a makeup wipe around my eyes to take care of all my eye makeup and then go ahead and wash my face once my eye makeup is removed. Something I started to do to avoid the urge to rub my eyes is use a wet rag to remove my face wash instead of splashing water all over. This keeps the water away and doesn’t give me that immediate desire to rub. They do recommend using oil free makeup removers and products to make your lashes last longer!

Q: “Why choose lash extensions over a great mascara or fake lashes?” A: This is a good question!! I actually love my natural lashes, they are long and full and can easily become more dramatic when I use several coats of mascara. I also love falsie strips and do those for special occasions or random photo shoots. Each time I’ve gotten lash extensions, it’s usually around summertime or when I have lots of events going on. My favorite thing about them is how easy they make your morning routine! If I’m honest, mascara takes up a biggg chunk of my time while doing my makeup so there is nothing like waking up and having them already black and full! So a lot of it is just for fun and to wake up with them done every day. I do them in stages and am not someone who has them on constantly although I know many ladies who do and love the convenience!!

Q: “What size curl length and style do you get?” A: I do lots of different ones depending on what’s going on in my life! I will usually ask for a mix of classic and volume lashes and for them to be only slightly longer than my natural. I like the mix of classic and volume for your everyday lash. If I have something bigger coming up in life and want them more bold, I’ll just ask for more volume!

Q: “With super long natural lashes how do you keep them healthy while you have extensions? A: My biggest advice for keeping them healthy is to not pick at them! I know so many people who naturally pick at their lashes and if you are someone who does – I wouldn’t recommend getting them! Like I mentioned in the first question, I try to use makeup wipes around my eyes so I’m not having to scrub them or splash water on my face. Working around them as much as you can helps! I would also recommend doing research on who you see to do your extensions. You definitely want to go to someone who has experience and won’t put too heavy of lashes on your weaker natural ones! And last, I have used RevitaLash to keep them growing!

Q: “Is it annoying to have to go in every 3 weeks to get them filled?” A: I go for fills every 3-4 weeks and go some where pretty close to where we live so it’s not a hassle! If you were going far, I couldn’t definitely see it getting old and inconvenient!

Q: “I want lashes for my wedding and honeymoon but if you can’t get them wet is that gonna be problem when we are snorkeling and doing water stuff on the honeymoon?” A: I had lashes for both my wedding and honeymoon and loved them!! ESPECIALLY on my honeymoon! I’d say vacations are the perfect time to have them because you typically don’t want to wear as much makeup. You definitely can get them wet and do every time you shower and often when washing your face. I jumped in the ocean and swam on our honeymoon and they lasted great!

Q: “Are your natural lashes still long and full after extensions are removed?” A: I honestly haven’t had bad experiences with taking them off! It is an adjustment to get used to your natural lashes after being used to seeing them dark and long and and thicker so I feel like people often think their lashes are “gone” because it’s so different at first, but then once you get used to your own lashes again you realize they are the same! If you are worried or they do seem to be smaller after taking them off – I’d recommend trying RevitaLash or that Rodan and Fields lash serum that everyone seems to be talking about!

Q: “About how much do they typically cost?” A: Obviously each place you to go will be a little different, but in my experience the initial set is around $175 and fills are around $65-$75ish! This also depends on if you do the classic or volume lashes too, so this is just a rough number!

I hope that this post covered your questions regarding lash extensions!! If you have any other questions – just comment below and I’m happy to answer! 🙂

I hope you all had an amazing weekend! This week was packed of things for Al and I, so we are taking this Sunday to recover and rest up before leaving for Santa Monica tomorrow! I am so excited about this last minute trip and know we are going to have so much fun. You guys gave me amazing recommendations so I’m planning on not only sharing our trip with you guys, but also doing a blog post dedicated to all the recommendations you babes gave! Make sure to be following along on Instagram and Insta Stories to see what we are up to all week! All my love!



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