Dressing Room Diaries (21 Outfits From The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale)

It’s time for my annual dressing room diaries! I did this last year for the Nordstrom Sale and got such a positive response from it – it’s a perfect way to show you guys my favorite pieces actually ON and STYLED. I love Nordstrom, but sometimes I am not a fan of how items are modeled or styled on their site, so it’s helpful for me to see it in person or on someone who’s fashion sense is similar to mine! These are all my favorite fall arrivals and there are so many pieces this year that I’m excited about! I didn’t try on very many statement pieces, mostly basics. But that is what I personally am hunting for currently – pieces I’ll be able to wear over and over again and in a bunch of different ways.

One thing I want to mention is that a lot of times certain pieces will go out of stock but come back, so make sure you are checking periodically – even if something said it was sold out! This happened a ton last year and those same items will often go out of stock again so you have to be on your a-game.

Below I’ll show you everything I tried on and talk sizing. I have shopped this sale for years and honestly don’t think I’ve ever been so successful! The pieces this year are GOOD, so many new obsessions!!

Side note: for those who don’t know, ‘tts’ means true to size! It’s quicker to type, so that’s what I’m saying below when referring to sizing! 

Now, onto the outfits:


T-Shirt (size small, tts) | Denim (size 26, tts) | Booties (size 7.5, tts)

I went home with this top and this pair of denim. I am IN LOVE with both. The shirt is only $12 and is already my favorite basic tee. Definitely ordering more colors! Out of all the denim I tried on, this pair is my favorite. I’m a sucker for some cute distressed jeans and know I’m going to live in these!!  I also love the booties and am debating if I want them in black or in this color!

T-Shirt (size small, tts)

This is the same basic tee as the striped one above. I only went home with the striped one, but like I said…I’m going back for more! I will for sure get it in white. These tees are absolutely perfect for layering! And only $12…what a steal.

Cardigan (size xs, runs big I would size down) | Denim (size 26, tts) | T-Shirt (size small, tts)

This cardigan has been on my radar for about a year! The sale has it in 3 different colors and every one is adorable. It’s a perfect basic cardi to add to your wardrobe that still has character. I would say it runs a little big! I’m typically a small in most clothing but in this brand I size down often!

Jacket (size 4, tts) | T-Shirt (size small, tts) | Denim (size 26, tts)

A perfect fall and winter staple. You will be pulling this out for months to come! I love that it has so much character on it’s own that you don’t have to wear much with it besides a solid color shirt and some jeans! You could also layer over some fall dresses in the earlier cold months!

Jacket (size small, tts) | T-Shirt (size small, tts) | Denim (size 26, tts)

Okay…this jacket! This has been going in and out of stock so if this catches your eye I would grab it fast!! I love this style of jacket for fall and love that it is camo but still has that feminine girly vibe. Freaking adorable.

Jacket (size small, tts) | T-Shirt (size small, tts) | Denim (size 26, tts)

Here is another leather jacket option that has a built-in hood! I always love jackets with hoods, they are so much more cozy to me. This also comes in multiple colors!

Tank (size small, tts) | Denim (size 26,tts) | Booties (size 7.5, tts)

I got this tank at the sale last year and this is the first time they’ve restocked! I am so happy! They have it in several colors and it is my go-to for all things layering. I love how simplistic it is yet the lace detail adds a little extra to any outfit you put together. It’s only $22 during the sale! Now onto this denim! They are only $51 and if you’ve been following for a little while, you know I love jeans with knee holes! This pair is so so cute.

Cardigan (size 2, runs a little big) | Denim (size 26, tts) | Shoes (size 7.5, tts) | Tank (small, tts)

This cardigan was so cute and cozy I had to go home with it! I got it in the charcoal, but I want the two other colors that I share below too. They are $50 which is such a good deal for a good quality chunky cardigan. I felt that it ran a little big, I usually would order a 4 but went with a 2. These jeans are the same ones I talked about above! And these shoes were another purchase I made! The orange tone is so dang cute. I love me some slides for fall! I’m super excited about them and can already see myself wearing them a ton!

Cardigan (size 2, runs a little big) | Denim (size 26, tts) | Tank (small, tts)

This is the exact outfit above just a different color in the cardigan. I love these $50 cardis.

Cardigan (size 2, runs a little big) | Denim (size 26, tts) | Shoes (size 7.5, tts) | Tank (small, tts)

Also the same as the previous two outfits, just with a different color in the sweater! This color is my second favorite – it’s GORG!

Cardigan (small, tts) | Denim (size 26, tts) | Shoes (size 7.5, tts) | Tank (small, tts)

This outfit is similar to the ones above but a different cardigan and different denim! I tried this duster cardi on in 2 colors (second one is shown right below) and truly love them both. The exaggerated length is cozy and very on trend for fall. I also purchased these jeans and my favorite things about them are the wash and the hem! They have that raw hem which is what I need for denim that doesn’t have any holes in them haha. The coloring on them is absolutely perfect – I knew right when I saw them they were going home with me.

Cardigan (one size fits all) | Denim (size 26, tts) | Shoes (size 7.5, tts) | Tank (small, tts)

This is the same outfit as the previous but the duster is blue! The blue color is a muted tone so it’s still a basic in my book.

Denim (size 26, tts) | Shoes (size 7.5, tts) | Tank (small, tts)

Here are some close up photos of those denim I talked about two paragraphs up! Things I love: the wash, the fit, and the raw hem. They are also under $60 which is a great price for good jeans! I can wait to wear these out!

Tunic (size xs, runs a little big) | Denim (size 28 x 32, runs small) | Boots (size 7.5, tts)

Here is another top that runs a little big, I sized down! This is such a fun statement top for fall. You don’t realize how often you will wear something like this until every day in fall when you are just looking for an easy outfit to wear that is still cute. This would be a perfect grab ‘n go shirt! This denim will be better shown in the next outfits but I also purchased these! The Jamie is one of my favorite styles for jeans so I’m thrilled to be adding another new pair to my wardrobe. See more of them below! Onto the boots, over the knee boots are an absolute MUST as the months get colder. They are so much fun to style and can be worn with dresses, skirts, and jeans. I find myself going to my OTK boots from September – March, you really do wear them so much throughout the year! This pair comes in black and a tan color and are right around $50!

Sweater (size xs, runs a little big) | Denim (size 28 x 32, runs small) | Boots (size 7.5, tts)

Another sweater than I’d say runs a little big! I typically size down in most things FP. This sweater comes in several colors and I’d love to grab the basic ones! This blue is muted enough too that it easily could be a basic for your wardrobe! I love the neckline and sleeves on this!! Denim and boots are same as above!

Sweater (Wearing an xs, but want to order a small, tts) | Denim (size 28 x 32, runs small)

Here is the first look at the denim without the boots! (Next outfit shows better!) This sweater was one of my faves that I saw online, I was so bummed that the store didn’t have a size small otherwise I 100% would have taken it home! Stripes have been my jam lately, especially colorful ones! This sweater is just too perfect!

Sweater (size small, tts) | Denim (size 28 x 32, runs small) | Shoes (size 7.5, tts)

My favorite color in sweaters is a white or ivory tone! I gravitated towards them last year and am finding myself doing the same thing this year. I love lighter, brighter clothing, and especially when the weather gets gloomy, white seems to add some lightness to my days! I bought this sweater and know that I will find a million and one ways to style it. This outfit also shows the first full look at this denim. I’ve owned 2 different colors of this same style over the years and know lots of you love them too! Something to keep in mind is they run small. I’m typically a 26, but always get them in a 28. They do fit so well and are very flattering once you figure out you need to size up!

Sweater (size small, tts) | Denim (size 28 x 32, runs small)

More ivory sweaters! I love the neck on this sweater and the slight balloon sleeves. Such a cute and fun basic to add to your wardrobe. It would also be a perfect sweater to wear with your fall skirts!

Sweater (size small, tts) | Denim (size 26, tts) | Shoes (size 7.5, tts)

I am not usually a green lover – but the tone and style of this sweater is gorg. I do think that these muted green tones will be a big color this fall, so I think this exact sweater would be a basic – yet super on trend. Onto these jeans…I was STOKED when I saw Madewell jeans a part of the sale! To this day, my Madewell denim are some of the most comfy I own, and also figure flattering. I adore this black pair! Here is another pair of slip ons that I loved from the sale. Like I said, these style of shoes are my favorite for fall!

Sweater (size small, tts) | Skirt (size 26, tts)

Here is this lovely sweater again! This shows how it could be styled with a skirt, which is a style I love during the transition from summer to fall. This skirt comes in grey and a camel color and both would match a lot of clothing you probably already have! I love these suede styles.

Sweater (size small, tts) | Skirt (size 4, tts)

YAY last outfit!! This skirt is everything. I love this mustard color and the zip detail. I think it would be an adorable fall statement. It also has a matching jacket for you set lovers!!

Can’t believe I got through all that! haha! Props to any of you who made it to the bottom of this post. I know it was a long one but there were SO many good things on sale I couldn’t help but try a million pieces on! I didn’t even get to everything in my room because this alone took so long and my sweet husband was waiting outside for me the whole time…ANGEL! So I’ll definitely be heading back to Nordstrom at some point to go try some more and also hit activewear!

I really hope these try on posts help you out when it comes to choosing what items you want to buy during the sale. I know there’s so many options and it’s so hard to filter through the hundreds of pages on their site! My good friend Kathleen made a really good point on her stories yesterday – she talked about the craziness of the sale right now and how materialistic things aren’t what gives you happiness or make you feel complete. As I was listening to her talk, all I kept saying to myself was YES YES YES. I love clothes, I love to share sales and styling tips, and I love fashion. I always have. But I know that the ‘it’ sweater or pair of booties isn’t going to make me happy. My happiness is found in so many other areas of my life than materialistic things – my God, my husband, my family, and my friends. These things that are irreplaceable in my life. Not an item that I won’t care about in a year from now. So as you are seeing posts about clothing, makeup, etc., just remember the things in life that truly give you happiness!! Of course it’s fun, and there are so many things I love about them. But they aren’t everything! Just a little reminder during this crazy time 🙂

I love you guys! If any of you have any more sizing questions or want to see anything else covered by me regarding the sale – please do comment! Also don’t forget to take photos of your buys and tag me in your stories so I can see!!

Xx, Karlie


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