What To Do At Your Bachelorette Party in Seattle

Last weekend, I had the honor of throwing a bachelorette party for one of my best friends and one of the maid of honors in my wedding! I personally have never thrown a bachelorette, and for you Seattle peeps, mine was over at Lake Chelan, so I had no idea where to even start when planning one in the city. Luckily, I had help and we planned what turned out to be the perfect weekend for our bride! I thought it would be fun to share everything we did over the weekend to give you inspo for your time in the city or to reference back to later on when you might be planning a bachelorette yourself!

I know I titled this ‘in Seattle’ but a majority of our trip was actually in Bellevue, which is a short 20 minute drive away and another major city in Washington. These two cities are connected by one freeway so it’s fairly easy to bounce back and forth on a weekend. Now onto all the deets!

Where we stayed:

We stayed at the W Bellevue and this is definitely my top favorite hotel in Bellevue. I have been here for multiple events and stayed with them before, including Al and I’s 2 year wedding anniversary back in June! The location of this hotel is ideal, you can get to tons of restaurants, the mall, and other activities by sky bridges so you often don’t even have to go outside! The hotel has a very modern and trendy feel, with a fun bar / lounge located right by the check in desks with tons of custom cocktails as well as indoor and outdoor seating. They also have a restaurant called The Lakehouse which is farm to table style, (we ate here Saturday night, photographed below with floral wallpaper), and a ‘food court’ type area with coffee, fresh juice, a taco truck, pizza – tons of stuff! There really are countless benefits to staying here!

(Side note: this photo is super special because this is a tradition that we decided to start 2 years ago being carried on! In May of 2016 was my bachelorette party and I was the first of my friends to get married. Being the first, I really wanted to start a tradition to carry on throughout all the bachelorette parties to come. So while wine tasting, we found this pink sparkling champagne and decided that at every bachelorette party, the bride would buy their favorite bottle of wine that weekend and hold onto it to bring to the next bachelorette weekend to drink with the new bride. Heather was my next bride so it was so fun to finally open the bottle together at hers! She bought the new bottle over the weekend to gift to our next bride, I can’t wait to see who’s next ❤️)

What we did:

The bachelorette party ran Friday night til Sunday morning. I’ll go into a little more detail below on restaurants, but here is a quick recap!

Friday night we checked in and went up to our room to decorate and get ready for dinner. The W greeted us with a bottle of champagne that our bride popped and we spent that time catching up since 3 of the girls now live in other states, we don’t all get together very often! That night we went to dinner then out to Suite after. Suite is a smaller bar that has a DJ and dancing on the weekends. This is the only place I have ever ‘gone out dancing’ in Bellevue, and that’s what we want to do at a bachelorette so that is where we stayed all night! The perfect thing about going to Suite on Friday was that we were able to walk there from dinner, and then go upstairs and just take a few sky bridges back to our hotel! It is located in the Hyatt!

This group of girls love wine tasting so Saturday we decided to head to Kirkland to do lunch and a few tasting rooms! Getting to downtown Kirkland from our hotel was a quick 15 minute drive and once you park, you can just walk to do all your tastings. They have a ton of restaurants and little shops down there too and it’s right on the water so the views in that area are gorgeous! When it was time to get ready for dinner, we went back to the hotel to freshen up and change, had dinner at the hotel, and went out that night at Aston Manor. This is a nightclub that’s actually downtown Seattle so we took an Uber there and back and this was the only Uber we ended up having to take the entire weekend which is amazing. My husband who is a total SWEETHEART randomly texted me Saturday asking if we wanted him to get us a table at Aston Manor that night, which I said no, but he insisted and called anyways and reserved us our own table with bottle service that night. This was so much fun for a bachelorette because not only do you have your own couches to come back and sit on in between dancing, but they also come out with sparklers and flashing lights and giant letters that spell out the bride’s name!! It really was perfect!

Sunday we walked down to the food court area to grab coffee and juice. We then spent the morning packing up and sorting through all our clothing to make sure everyone got their clothes back, (since we all wore each others haha), and then headed back home!

Where we ate:

Now onto the good stuff, FOOD!

Friday night we went to Purple, which is a wine bar located in Bellevue, (they also have a downtown Seattle location that I’ve been to as well). I have always loved Purple, both their food and their atmosphere are right up my alley when it comes to dining. My friend and I split their chopped salad and their burrata and tomato toast. If you haven’t tried either of the Purple wine bars yet, you gotta go!

On Saturday we went to brunch at the Beach Cafe which is in Kirkland located at the Woodmark hotel. It’s a short drive from the downtown area where we went wine tasting and is right on the water! The bachelorette party was over seafair weekend so we could actually see the Blue Angels flying around from the cafe! Some good things on the menu here were the sliders, tacos, and sweet potato fries! For dinner that evening, we went to The Lakehouse. It is located right inside The W and the aesthetic of this restaurant is an Instagrammer’s dream! This restaurant is farm to table style so it is fresh and has a menu that changes with the seasons! Everything was so so good!

Sunday morning we went to Starbucks 🙂 (I got the spinach feta breakfast wrap and the vanilla sweet cream cold brew haha)!


And that’s a wrap on the bachelorette festivities! I do feel so happy that we gave our bride a fun weekend that she will cherish forever ❤️ Any of these things talked about would be fun for any weekend, not just a bachelorette, so make sure to go check them out! Come back and comment below if you do or if you’ve been to any of the places we went!

All my love!

Xx, Karlie


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