It’s A Girl!!

gender reveal / confetti gender reveal gender reveal / confetti gender revealconfetti gender reveal

confetti gender revealconfetti gender reveal

The news is out!! Yesterday morning we got to find out that the sweet babe growing inside of me is a little girl! Honestly, I am still in shock and there is a huge part of me that doesn’t believe it!! I keep staring at the ultrasound images we got trying to figure out if it’s really a for sure thing. Especially with it being so early, it just seems crazy that they were able to tell us our gender at only 13 weeks!

Either boy or girl, we would have been equally as over the moon as we are right now. Our joy is really stemming from the fact that we are becoming parents and starting the absolute best journey of our lives – and that we are about 6 months out from meeting our first born! There’s SO much to be thankful for and happy about. Finding out the gender for us just made everything hit hard and feel so much more real. We are getting more serious about baby names, now we get to say ‘her/she’ instead of ‘it’ haha, and we are getting to shop for her wardrobe and the nursery! We didn’t really take baby names or buying items seriously until now because we just wanted to know who we would be shopping and decorating for! I feel like I can officially dive into the next couple months of getting ready for her arrival!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how we found out our gender so early so to answer that, we went to a special gender reveal ultrasound place, we didn’t find out through my doctor. I know doctors make you wait longer but there are tons of businesses now that specialize in 3D/4D ultrasounds and gender determinations. There are quite a few in the Seattle area so I’m sure many of you have some locally! This exact one was able to tell at 13 weeks, where some of the others I looked into said 14 weeks. We actually are leaving to Arizona this week and will be gone for 10 days so I wouldn’t even be home at 14 weeks and didn’t want to wait until after our trip to find out! So I chose this place where 2 of my good friends have also gone to find out their baby’s genders too!

A few weeks ago I told you guys that instead of Al and I finding out the gender at a reveal with our family, that we made the decision to find out in the ultrasound room – just us two. We really wanted that intimate moment of seeing her/him and being there when the lady says ‘it’s a girl’ or ‘it’s a boy’. Now that we went through it…I am SO happy that we made that decision. That appointment was so special and the room was full of tears and smiles. It was also so cool to watch the technician find the gender and be able to really show us everything we were looking at. It was also so much fun to rush home to prepare for everyone coming over to find out! People kept trying to say things to us to trigger us to drop hints or accidentally tell. That part was hard because I’m a horrible liar! With Al and I already knowing, it also released a lot of eagerness and racing hearts in the moment and allowed us to just be there with big smiles on our faces, nice and calm because we already knew the color that was about to explode out of the cannons. Overall the whole experience was perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing. I will remember that ultrasound moment for my whole life.

Before I wrap this up, I wanted to link the random decor and such that I bought for our reveal! There are photos of them below, the little tissue tassel banner kinda got messed up by the time we got a photo and I was too lazy to change it haha but you get the point! I’ll link them below!

confetti gender reveal confetti gender reveal

‘OH BABY’ Kit – This kit was perfect because it came with every single thing that you see on our garage door! I blew up all the balloons and made the tissue tassel banner thing all the night before so that day of we just had to tape everything up! Like I said above, the tissues all kinda got ruined by the time we took a photo from all the action and the wind but it was a perfect little set up!

He/She Poster – This is one of those files you purchase and download then print on your own. It was super inexpensive and I loved the aesthetic of it. It looks small in this picture of it, but I got it printed from Walmart in a poster size (16×20). It was a perfect size and we just kept it on the table with the snacks so as people got there they could all sign their name under what their guess was. It’s really fun to look back on this and see what everyone’s final guesses were!!

Team Boy / Team Girl Stickers – This was another fun ‘competitive’ vibe that I decided to add. They were on the table by that poster so as people wrote their guess they grabbed a sticker and wore it around. When we popped the confetti, we also had people stand on opposing sides of our driveway so team boy on one side and team girl on the other.

Confetti Cannons – These were absolutely perfect!! They also had super fast shipping. I ordered just this past Monday evening and they came by Thursday! Because we didn’t know our gender yet, I ordered 6 blue and 6 pink cannons. We decided that we wanted all the grandparents (our parents) to be the ones to pop the cannons and there are 6 of them so that’s why we chose that number! It was the perfect amount of confetti! There are also 3 different sized cannons you can purchase and we got the middle size!


And that’s it! These little things we got just made the get together feel more ‘planned out’ and like a mini party even though it had to be a pretty quick thing. I’m so thankful that we got to share this day with some of our favorite people…the same people that I know are going to shower our baby in love every single day of their lives. Thank you to all of you for the sweetest comments and messages!! It’s already been such a joy sharing this time with you all and it’s just the beginning! Thank you for being here ❤️

xoxo Karlie


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  1. 11.28.18
    Olivia said:

    Came across your blog and I love it and you! Congrats on the pregnancy you are so beautiful!

    • 12.7.18
      Karlie Rae said:

      Aw thank you so much Olivia!! xoxo!!

  2. 12.2.18
    Erin Allen said:


    For some reason the link in Etsy for the cannon poppers isn’t working. Do you mind providing the link please?

    Thank you!!

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