My Second Trimester

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Sunday marked 28 weeks along which means I have entered into my third trimester and my due date is 12 weeks from now…I’m sorry WHAT?! For me, my first trimester went by SO slow. I remember every single day felt like it was dragging and I couldn’t wait to find out our gender or for my bump to really pop or to say goodbye to first trimester symptoms. Then my second trimester finally came (which is the longest of the 3) and during it it felt like it was pretty long but now that it’s over I just can’t wrap my head around telling people that I’m in my third trimester!!

I did a first trimester update as well as a 20 week update so I linked both of those posts for you if you want to go read up on those! It’s just been 2 months since my 20 week post so I’ll just try to keep this post on an update from then til now! My first trimester post also shares some of our journey post-pregnancy and the time of ‘trying to conceive’ and birth control and all that! I get lots of questions about some of those things on Instagram and I really talked a lot about them in that first post! Now onto the past 8 weeks:

Symptoms: Like I said in my 20 week update, a lot of my symptoms have gone away for the time being thank you God! Some things that I’ll still experience every now and then are headaches, nausea (rarely), and occasional lack of sleep and shortness of breath. I will say I would not be surviving the nights without my pregnancy pillow!!! Al got this for me for Christmas and labeled it “To: Mama From: Baby” haha and it really has been the best thing to happen to me I think I will still sleep in it after pregnancy because it is SO comfortable. Leo and Al love it too anytime I catch them laying in bed they are both snuggled up in it. One symptom you don’t really see on Instagram is my moodiness if I’m honest here lol. I actually don’t let many people see it other than my poor husband but I have moments where I’m really uncomfortable or something that usually wouldn’t bother me a ton will. It hasn’t gotten to the point of anything crazy like pregnancy in movies is portrayed but I can definitely feel the pregnancy hormones occasionally affecting my mood or my emotions.

Weight gain: I have now gained 22-23 pounds. I think this is technically on the ‘higher end’ of weight gain at 28 weeks and to be totally transparent – when I read that at first it did get to me a little. I haven’t been this super clean eating fit pregnant girl so I put the blame on myself at first and my mind immediately went to post-pregnancy and what that journey will look like for me if I gain more weigh than average. These emotions stuck with me for probably 24 hours but I really did some soul searching and chatting with my husband and a few mama friends and I can say I feel SO much better about it all now! At the end of the day, your body and your baby is different than anyone else’s body and their baby(ies). So of course it’s going to be different and look different. You are the current home for your baby and your body is doing what it needs to to nest them and feed them and I know the minute I see our baby’s face it will be worth it no matter what my body is looking like. I feel this sense of being proud of my body now and how much it’s changed! I went back to look at my ‘6 week’ photo, (it’s the second photo), and already my body has gone through some major changes but I’m thankful for them. And all I can feel is blessed that God gave me this specific baby and that I get to be a mama. As you’ve 100% noticed, my boobs have also tripled in size already 😂 which is normal for some mamas and others don’t experience this until the baby is here and milk comes in. Well for me, they came in loud ‘n proud and have definitely been the biggest things to adjust to. Clothing fits a lot differently now and I even had a breakdown in Nordstrom Rack a few weeks ago when I went to try to buy new bras. I tried FOUR different sizes and was falling out of every single one. So I marched next door to Victoria’s Secret in a major preggo mood and got fitted. Best decision so I can actually wear bras that fit. When I tell you they are growing…they are growing. And already have stretch marks on them. Big big big change and adjustment having this big girls lol. I personally am not a fan of them but just another thing I’m embracing.

Eating, Working Out, & Cravings: My eating habits have stayed the same. Occasionally certain things won’t sound appetizing but no major food aversions. For cravings, I have really started to get my sweet tooth back. I remember the first few months thinking I’d be eating a lot more sweets and was shocked that I wasn’t but the time has come haha. Ice cream, sour candy, and dark chocolate have been my late night pleasures. For workouts, I have started the Bode By Lex app! I have only done a few of the workouts but I love that there’s pregnancy routines you can follow and everything you can do right in your house. It’s what’s worked best for me!

Nursery + Baby Buys: We have gotten a little bit of a start on her nursery! So far all we have in there is her dresser, crib, and chandelier that we need to hang, but we have a glider and wallpaper ordered and on the way! So once all the big items are in it’s more just personalizing and making the room her own. We have her stroller and one of our carseats – we actually are getting two and are thinking maybe my mom will keep one or something just for convenience. You can see all the things we are buying for her on this page – I update it as we get new things in! My shower is also a little over a month away so I know a lot of items will get checked off our list then and I will also be sure to share what I am registering for soon 🙂

Her Name: Lots of questions about this almost daily! We currently have two names that we really love but are not set on anything yet. We want to name her when she is born so we will most likely have 2-3 names going into labor and will see where that takes us once she’s here!

And that’s the update! Al and I are leaving in a few days for our ‘baby-moon’ yay! I am so excited about this and so happy that we actually booked it as we’ve talked about doing a baby-moon ever since we got married when the time came. A baby-moon is similar to a honeymoon – it’s a trip you take with your spouse that’s supposed to be the last romantic getaway before the new addition to your family comes and your life forever changes! So we are going to Hawaii for a week to unwind, relax, and have some special one-on-one time together away from our daily lives and work and all that. I’m sure I’ll be sharing lots of photos and Instagram stories during our trip 🙂 we just can’t wait!!

Hope you are all having a lovely week!! xx


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