Ways I’ve Found Comfort and Motivation This Pregnancy

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Hi friends! As you can tell – the pregnancy bod has come in since last time I put a post up here on the blog! Lots of changes physically and also lots of changes in how I’m staying comfortable and motivated now. If you’ve been following along this pregnancy, you know that finding the motivation to be active, get in some workouts, or even to go out and walk has been difficult for this mama. A lot due to my early-on symptoms, (you can read my first trimester post here and my second trimester post here), and then lately due to discomfort.

I remember the past two years as we have inched closer to starting to plan for a family, I envisioned myself being this ‘fit mom’ attending workout classes 3-5 days a week and out walking daily. As soon as I found out I was pregnant…these things went out the window if I’m honest. My fitness routine came to a complete stop and I think still to this day I’m a little shocked at how different this has all been than what my expectations were. There have been days and times where I will be a little hard on myself over these things and wish I could go back to the beginning and do it all different. BUT, I remember that every pregnancy is different. What my body is going through these past few months is hard work as I have life being created inside of me. It’s beautiful and that is what helps me give myself grace. And in the past few weeks I have made little changes, tried some at home work outs, and gone on more walks. Little things that have made me proud of myself.

As I started to bring these activities back into my routine – I honestly went to my closet to find some workout clothing and NOTHING fit me right. Especially my sports bras. My chest has grown way more than I ever expected it would and now needs support that I’m not used to. I’m telling you – watching myself even attempt to get on some of my sports bras was pure comedy haha. And if you don’t feel confident and comfortable in your workout clothes, it’s hard to then find the motivation to do it. At least for me! Recently I found my new Reebok PureMove bra and it has been a game changer. The first thing I noticed was the fabric and how it really doesn’t feel like you are wearing much – yet gives you the support you need! Industry standard for sports bra testing is four motion sensors, but they used 54 to create this bra so it truly does move with you! I’ve been so impressed with how this bra has felt for me, plus it’s super cute – I got a size medium!

I hope this post gave some of you the encouragement you are looking for. I know we all go through stages of motivation and lack there of. For you mamas – don’t be so hard on yourselves! I know it’s easy to scroll through Instagram and compare…I’ve done it myself. We are all doing our best to bring our babes into this world and we should be proud of ourselves no matter what level we are at or what our original expectations were. Sending you all my love!!

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