My Baby Shower

Another major life moment has passed for me – my baby shower!!

There’s a few events that you’ve dreamt about since you were a little girl; your bridal shower, bachelorette, wedding day, honeymoon, baby shower, and birth of your babies. I just truly can’t grasp that another one has come and gone! It truly was absolutely perfect – major thanks to my mom, family, and all the amazing local companies that made it so beautiful and personalized! The weather here in Washington can be quite unpredictable…and this March afternoon was GORG! I had picked out my dress just hoping it wouldn’t be a crummy day because I was gonna wear it regardless haha so I was so happy that everyone came in spring attire and we got to open up all the back windows/doors to let the sunshine in and spend some time outside. Yes the set up was beautiful, but what touched me the most was really looking around the room and seeing how many people are here and ready to love on our baby. I feel so blessed and lucky to be her mom and to be surrounded by all these people that are going to be right next to us every step of the way. ❤️

Now onto the amazing decor, food, etc!

Desserts by @jennycookies

I’ve been a fan girl of Jenny’s for quite some time so getting some desserts from her was an absolute dream!! She made us cookies, cupcakes, and the most gorgeous cake ever. Onto of how pretty they all were they were some of the best treats I’ve ever tasted!! My mom and I both ate a few cookies when we were at her bake shop picking the treats up and couldn’t stop talking about how amazing they were! Take some time to go scroll through her insta 😍 and if you are local, she’s your girl for your desserts!!

Floral by @iris_and_peony / @michaelacortes

The floral arrangements were done to perfection I could not believe how beautiful they turned out!! My friend, Michaela, is a floral designer at Iris and Peony and is obviously SO talented. We had talked about style of floral prior and I just wanted her to do her thing and am so happy she did! They were stunning and really a statement of the day. Their shop does weddings and special events so if you are local – keep them in mind! All the girls there were the absolute sweetest.

Dinnerware by @balancingballoons

Okay this company is brilliant! The girls here spend their time collecting vintage glasses, plates, silverware, etc. and rent them out for events! Their collection is AMAZING – my mom and I left their showroom wanting to start our own. I went with all their pink items which you can see above with our glassware, plates, and platters! You could really rent these for any event and that add the perfect ‘wow factor’ 😍

Candle Party Favors by @capribluecandles

I was SO excited when we got these adorable mini pink volcano candles from Capri Blue for our favors!! If you have not smelled the volcano scent – you have to go find one!! They are sold at Anthropology and I got so many comments during and after my shower about how obsessed everyone was with these minis!! Capri Blue is by far one of my all time favorite candle brands so I loved getting to share them with all my people.

Photos & Videos by @ellaflorencephoto

Ella and I have connected via Instagram a few times and it was such a pleasure to finally meet her! She was so sweet and really did a beautiful job capturing moments from this day ❤️ She also took some video footage which I’m so excited about!! I shared the shorter video below 🙂 The longer one is too large for my site so I uploaded it to YouTube – view it HERE! I really will cherish these moments for my whole life so I’m so thankful that she was there.


I also had my good friend Marina take some photos! She’s a blogger babe of mine and does photography on the side down in the Portland area! You will swoon over her photography! And for food we had Ristrettos cater which is a coffee and wine bar down south of Seattle! I also got lots of questions about venue – and this is our church! You can see the barn in the background of the last photo which is where worship is held and this building is their gathering place. They have the cutest grounds ❤️



Here are a few more photos from the day with my friends and family that I wanted to share. Love all these people so much 😍

My Dress | My Dress (Blue Version) | My Shoes (Amazon find!) | ‘Mama’ Necklace (my exact necklace is sold out but I love these personalized ones!!) | My Earrings

A big thanks again to everyone who helped make this day one of the best of my life – feeling so grateful ❤️ Be on the lookout for some videos coming!!

All my love!


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