Spring In Our Household

This Spring has truly been one like none other for us so far as you can imagine being in now late into my third trimester! Typically springtime gets us out of the house and enjoying this gorgeous Pacific Northwest that we love to live in. But, if you’ve been following along on Instagram you know that per doctor’s orders, this mama is laying low.

For a quick little recap, last week I woke up one morning and started having contractions fairly frequently. We started to time them as my doctor had said if they become 5 minutes apart to call or go in. Sure enough they got to that point, so we called and they had us come in. After my OB checking and monitoring me they decided to send us to the hospital for further monitoring where they told us this could lead to labor and if it did, they’d let baby girl make her arrival! We were so shocked because we thought if it got to that point they would stop it since we were at about 35.5 weeks. Good news is baby girl decided to stay put and we got to go home the next day! Since my body had tried to go into pre-term labor, I am now on ‘bed rest’ until this upcoming Sunday when I’ll be 37 weeks and technically full term.

All that to say – we have had a cozy, nesting Spring season so far. We’ve been trying to finish little home projects and her bedroom and keeping our house light and airy so we feel the rejuvenation that Spring typically gives us. Hence the lemons, limes, and greenery – perfect touches if you are looking at ways to transition your kitchen šŸ™‚

Finding cozy yet cute pieces to dress the bump and wear around have also been huge life savers for me during this time!! As the bump grows it really does get harder to dress and I think it’s so important to embrace it, show it off, and let it make you feel cute šŸ™‚ So I’ve been taking my time to find some inexpensive pieces that I can wear during my small outings or around the house to feel put together and to embrace the last few weeks that she’s still growing inside me ā¤ļø These two cozy finds, (dress – only $13, comes in other colors, wearing a medium! + sweater – only $17, wearing a small!) , are from Walmart and lately I have been ALL about the convenient places to shop – locally and good shipping. I’ve used Walmart in the past for many different categories in my life – but the fashion aspect is fairly newer and I’m so happy to add another store to my quick and easy list!! Many of their items have 2-day shipping and you can always find things for good prices. They’ve also really upped their fashion with their We Dress America campaign they are currently running šŸ˜ I’ll link a few of my favorites below!! Lots of bump friendly options for you mamas!

The remainder of this season will be waiting waiting waiting! It’s honestly the only thing we can think about and we just cannot wait to meet OUR BABY. It’s crazy to think of the impact that this little gift is going to have on our lives forever. So happy to be adding a new addition to our Lang Gang ā¤ļø Stay tuned for more updates as we enter this crazy chapter!! Love sharing it with you all. All my love!

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