My Nursing Essentials

Nursing Blair has been a whole new experience and I really didn’t know what to expect. These items have made the the process easier on me so I wanted to share my 8 must haves when it comes to breastfeeding!

My Brest Friend – 

I have grown to love this nursing pillow more day by day. I also have the boppy nursing pillow which is more cozy so if you are looking for something snuggly that’s a good one. The My Brest Friend actually wraps all around you, buckles, and is more structured. I love the back support that it gives and how easy it is to rest your baby right on top and in front of you. 

Amazon Nursing Tanks

I have this pack of 3 nursing tanks and I honestly think I’m going to order another pack because I wear them nearly every single day. Nursing tanks have been SO convenient for me when I am spending the day at home. I also have worn them under other less ‘nursing friendly’ outfits to make breast feeding or pumping on the go easier. Like earlier this week I wore it under this jumpsuit and when it came time to nurse at my mom’s I just pulled it down around my waist and had my tank underneath. I got them in size medium. Around the house I’ll wear cozy cardigans over it to keep me warm and to also have the best access for feedings. This cardigan is my favorite for home lounging days. 

Nursing Pads – 

If you follow along on Instagram you probably saw that I leaked out through my dress when we went to Seattle last week 😂 I have these and use them often I don’t know why I forgot that day. It’s a life saver to have disposable ones! 

Lanolin Cream – 

This is the nipple cream I got. Apply generously. That’s all I really have to say haha. 

Nipple Shield – 

Some of you may know that Blair needed a nipple shield in the hospital to help with her latch. It’s been a way more enjoyable time for both of us to be honest using this! 

Spectra S1 Pump

This is the pump I got. I have never used another one so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I love that it charges so it doesn’t have to be plugged in and you can bring it with you places easily! I was also really nervous to pump being scared of the pain but have felt very comfortable with this one. I also got this bra so I can pump on the go easier or hands free! 

Burp Cloths – 

Love these white organic ones. Really good to have on hand – upstairs, downstairs, in your diaper bag, etc. 

Nursing Bras – 

I have personally only tried these sports bra-like ones but they are comfortable, supportive, and I really like them! 


Hope this helps any of you new mamas out there! Feel free to comment any of your nursing must-have’s below to share with everyone!! All my love xoxo 


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