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I’m sure MOST of you have probably heard of the Billie razor by now – whether it be from Instagram or their killer commercials on tv. They have branded themselves so amazingly and really taken the ‘shaving wold’ by the horns.

I first heard of them from a few of my favorite fellow bloggers over Instagram and between them and the MANY amazing reviews I was sold on trying them out. I’ve been using my same old razor for years and have always just thought that my hair grew back super quickly which is why I was needing to shave every single time I showered if I was going to be going somewhere. I never really thought about the fact that my razor could not be getting me a close enough shave until reading the reviews of this razor and hearing how smooth the shave was and how they wouldn’t have to instantly shave again next time they showered.

Besides the shave itself – what I LOVE about Billie is that it’s a subscription service and an AFFORDABLE one! I will use my dull razor head forever because buying a pack of new ones is always such an expensive purchase, I forget when I’m grocery shopping, and I’m frankly too lazy to make a trip just for razor heads haha. Just being honest here! I think that a $9 subscription delivering amazing razors to your doorstep is GENUIS. I’m here for it and another thing I don’t have to think twice about.

I have used my Billie several times now and notice a HUGE difference in my armpits and bikini area – TMI but where my hair is the thickest! The shave is significantly closer than what I’m used to and I don’t feel the need to shave those places every single time I shower now. They grow back slower! My legs of course were incredibly smooth too but I was really so impressed with those areas. I also got their products to try which are also all between $9-$12 so reasonable priced and I love the addition they made to my shaving / showering routine. The smells are my favorite! Great products to try if you are looking for new shaving cream, body wash (obsessed btw!), and body lotion.

It’s crazy to me that I’m even this passionate about a razor haha but I honestly have never loved one before! I just purchased out of habit. I love that this is a subscription service and will definitely be a long term customer!!

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xx, Karlie


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