Blair’s Six Month Update

I can NOT believe that our girl is half a year old. Everyone says time flies but to think we only have to do the last few months one more time until she turns 1 makes me an emotional mama over here!

Each month really does get more and more fun. I loved the sweet newborn cuddles and know I’ll miss them, but as she grows and her personality comes out I love spending every day with her even more than the week before – as if I even think that’s possible in the moment!


She is changing by the minute – rolling over from her back to stomach, (we are still working on stomach to back), kicking in the bath tub, belly laughing at us when we joke around with her, and so close to sitting up! She’s trying so hard and we spend time every day working on it with her. You can tell she feels so proud as she learns something new or gets stronger because she gets the biggest smile on her face like “look at me!”.


If you’ve been following along on Instagram you know that we are done breastfeeding and she is on formula now. We stopped right about 5 months for several reasons – nothing major. She switched over perfectly and chunked right up 😂 It’s really funny to look at how much more chubby she has become since making the switch haha. We have her on HIPP formula currently and order from here! I got questions about how we made the switch and theres a million ways to do it, I’m sure. For us, we started mixing her bottles half breast milk and half formula for a little while to get her stomach used to it then one day made the switch! Blair also took a bottle randomly starting at 2 weeks old so we didn’t have to worry about introducing her to a bottle at 5 months old either which I’m sure helped a lot. Every baby is different and I know some don’t take bottles so I’m happy that it worked out to introduce Blair to a bottle early on. I’m sure there are lots of tips online about this too – just sharing what we did!

Something SO fun that we are starting next week is introducing her to solids! I’m so weirdly excited about this and know I’ll share all the cute, messy moments on Instagram. To start this all off we ordered this high chair and are taking the Feeding Littles course to get some tips!


As far as sleep goes, Blair has been in her own room for awhile now. I think we moved her in at 3 months if I remember correctly and it was perfect timing for us all. She was still waking up occasionally to feed or want her pacifier put back in her mouth but she was close to sleeping through the night so that’s kinda when we decided to move her. Blair is a great sleeper and sleeps through the night more often than not – but we definitely have some long nights occasionally in our household. For all things sleep – I got to @takingcarababies! Love her courses and tips! To ween night feedings, I personally just stopped offering them to her once she proved to me she was capable of sleeping through the night and started to rock her or offer her a pacifier instead and that worked! There have been times of course that I need to feed her, but that’s pretty rare now.

For naps, I started trying to nap her in her room pretty early on too. Maybe 4 weeks? I wanted to her to get used to her crib and her room before trying nights in there and I also wanted some freedom during her nap time to pick up my house or get work done without waking her up! You just have to go for it and learn as you go in my opinion 🙂 I will say – a sound machine, dark room, and swaddle of some sort is something we always do for her naps at home. So much to cover haha but as far as her falling asleep goes – lots of the time we still soothe her to sleep. We will walk around the room with her until she dozes off then put her down. BUT, lately I’ve been trying to put her down and let her fall asleep on her own and we have about a 50% success rate so we will just keep working on that!


I also just read the post I wrote at 2 months and things that have changed since then are her bedtime is now more like 8-9pm instead of 10:30-11:30pm…PRAISE. She now eats every 3-5 hours, if she isn’t hungry she has no problem telling me no haha. And she typically takes 3 naps a day but occasionally 4 if she woke up early that day or took shorter naps. I just read her and put her down when I can tell she needs it rather than sticking to a super strict timeline. 

I got a lot of requests to talk about baby products and things we used / didn’t – I feel like that’s a very lengthy topic, especially since it’s changed a bit month by month depending on her stage so I’m going to cover this in another post soon where I will go through all our favorite items from 0-6 months old!

If you missed her 2 month update, here is the link for that so you can read up on the earlier weeks and what our experience was then! This was more so just where we are at currently – not a full recap!

Sending love to all of you today! Thank you so much for all being such amazing cheerleaders for our little babe ❤️


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