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After living in this home for almost a year and a half now, we FINALLY got to putting together the extra room off the kitchen and living room. When we first moved in, we thought maybe we would make it a mud room, a man cave, or an office. But when it came to the craziness of moving and getting pregnant, that room soon became our storage area for packages, baby shower gifts, shoes, and extra things we couldn’t find space for just yet. It was kind of just our dropping grounds and a MESS to be honest!

Now that B is getting older and her toys are taking over the house, Al and I finally decided that this room would officially be her (and her future sibling’s) playroom! We bounced around with the idea of making a room upstairs the playroom, but with young kids and this current state of our life, we need to be as close to her as possible to keep a close eye on her. Plus, even as she gets more independant she will want her own space but to be close by. 

My favorite project, (and Al’s least lol), was putting together the gallery wall. Since Blair is our only babe right now, the wall is all pictures of her, but we will definitely add more as our family grows. I love staring at her newborn photos every day!!

We have slowly been buying pieces that we loved and thought would go well in a kid’s room, and I am so excited that it has all finally come together! As her toy collection grows, so will our storage for them all, and I will for sure keep you guys updated as we update the room! 

Now onto all the furniture + decor!

These are the frames we used – we use Ikea frames for all our gallery walls!

We always get our prints from Costco. I usually get the non-matte finish, because I don’t like any glare in my photos.

This couch we actually had in the Love Lang Shack! We kept it thinking it’d be perfect for a future bonus room. If you haven’t heard me chat about this couch…WE LOVE IT! We bought the larger sectional version for our main living room because we loved it in our old house so much. Probably 5 of our family members have it in their houses too! We get the color nickel and my favorite things about it are comfort and how insanely stain resistant it is! We have spilled red wine and coffee on it and it comes right off! 

This herringbone white rug is an Overstock.com find, but it’s no longer on their site so here is one similar! I love this option to add texture to your room while keeping things bright and neutral.

So many DMs about this tree! As you know, I love incorporating greenery to the room to add some pops of color, so this tree was the perfect size and shape for what we were looking for! I also think the olive is super unique and set apart from my other faux greenery in our house. 

This basket was actually a gift from my baby shower, but I absolutely love it! I actually found this nearly identical one on Amazon, AND it comes with three total baskets for more storage! Here is another cute option! 

One of my favorite pieces from this room is the table! I actually found it Home Depot, thanks to my girl @halfway_wholistic! I love that matched the tones throughout our house but adds a little texture since we don’t have too many true wood accents! 

The pillows and little plant on table are home goods finds! 

I hope you all loved this little play room recap! We literally JUST threw this room together today so I’m sure it will evolve, and like I said get more storage, so I will update you as we grow into it a little more! Happy Wednesday friends!!


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