Golden Goose, Dupes, and Other Sneaker Finds

Happy Friday and Happy November!! Aka my birthday month 😉 

As you know, Blair turned 6 months last week and between this growing girl, her curiosity, the holidays right around the corner, and trying to maintain non-expired groceries in my house – life is crazy. In a great way! The daily struggle of debating if I’m gonna ‘get ready’ or ‘dress casual-cute’ when leaving my house is real when mom life strikes. 

The trend that gives me the most hope: SNEAKERS!

I have loved the idea of fun outfits paired with sneakers to create a trendy look. A good pair will go with your casual daily workout / running errands look, but also can be worn with your fall outfits; even the dressier ones! 

Now that we are talking sneakers…let’s touch on Golden Goose. When I was in New York last, I snagged my first pair and have been living in them! They’re not only comfortable, but they have so much character to them! That definitely helps add to simple outfits and makes them seem like I may have tried a little bit harder than I actually did 😉 I ended up getting (these), which are camouflage with a chestnut brown accent. I love how fun they are, BUT, I will say, it if I could get a do over I would make my first GG purchase be a more neutral, white pair so that they would match any outfit I throw on. Sometimes I find myself creating a whole outfit around the color palette of my GG’s so I can wear them haha. So now a neutral pair is on my Christmas wishlist. That said, if you are in the market do the opposite of what I did. 

The question of the day is: are they worth it? In my opinion, yes. IF you first, wear sneakers often and know you’d get good use out of them. And second, have an appreciation for designer items. People are all so different and that is okay! Some people enjoy saving to splurge on a designer item that they know they will wear a ton, and others don’t see the point and would splurge elsewhere. That’s okay! They definitely are not a need! But, I have enjoyed mine and will most likely get another pair in the future! 

Not willing to splurge? You’re in luck because the dupes out are so good! There are some at $50 and under price points, and some at $100 and under. I’m going to link a bunch of my favorites below + some that aren’t that style since I know some of you might be looking for something different! I also made a save vs. splurge collage for the LikeToKnow.IT app that I’ll post at the bottom too! 

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!! 

Under $50

Under $100


Save | Splurge
Save | Splurge
Save | Splurge
Save | Splurge

xx, Karlie


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