Baby’s First Christmas, Traditions, and Some New Holiday Decor

As you all know, this is Blair’s FIRST CHRISTMAS! I am a major Christmas lover and have dreamed about the days we get to be parents during the holiday season, see it through our baby’s eyes, and start our own traditions ❤️ I can’t believe the time is here. For years Al and I have talked things we want to do this time of year when we have kids and we are going to start a few now! (Some of our ideas are for older kiddos and not a 6 month old haha).

First on my list this year was getting myself some ‘baby’s first’ keepsake things. I got a personalized ornament and a sleeper that we will probably be putting B in all month long. One of the traditions I want to start is having a ‘kid’ tree in our playroom. Since our main tree is usually decorated to some sort of theme, this will be the tree for all our memory ornaments and special ones we buy our kids each year. Right now all we have on this tree is Blair’s first Christmas ornament and her ‘It’s a Girl!’ one from last year 💗 It will be so special to watch this tree grow and become more filled each year!! Ornaments is actually a tradition that we did in my family; it was one of the Christmas Eve gifts we opened along with our Christmas pjs so I think Al and I are going to carry those traditions on with our family too each Christmas Eve!

A few other traditions we are wanting to start / keep up with are (there’s kind of a lot but I just love this time of year and want it to be so fun!):

Making cookies for Santa

Filling stockings

Doing a treasure hunt for our kid’s ‘big’ gift (we did this in my family!)

Christmas Eve church service

Letters to Santa (my parents kept these and they are so cute so I want to do the same)

Elf on the shelf

Family living room sleepover one night in December (think Gingerbread houses, game night, Christmas movies!)

An advent calendar (Al’s parents actually fill one for each grand baby with a little treat and Bible verse each day which I love)

Some sort of volunteer work or donating dinner and presents to a family in need!

Honestly, I’m sure this list will only grow at the rate I’m at already haha but I hope you found some good ideas for you and your family ❤️

Now onto decor! I swear every year decorating for Christmas hits earlier and early. Now it is like SO EARLY. Pretty much November 1st. I remember the days when people strictly waited until after Thanksgiving! It is crazy but I love how happy and full our house appears with our decor up so having it up for 2 months a year is okay with me and actually makes it worth all the money and time it takes! Each year I like to get a few more holiday decor pieces so my house just gets fuller and fuller. I don’t go ‘all out’ but I know in 10 years from now my house will probably be full of fake snow lol. But I love to grab just some new things each year to change things up from the year before, to have more to work with, and also to spread out how expensive it is to buy everything! This year I got some new decor things that I LOVE and know will be incorporated into my holiday decorating for years to come 😍 Pottery Barn Kids was a major hit for me this year!! I got our baby’s first items, a family personalized advent calendar, one of Blair’s gifts, and adorable decorations to start filling our house more. Everything is such high quality I know they will last me many years of holidays and not be things that get boxed next. I linked everything below for you guys!!

Hopefully this post really put you in the spirit and gave you some ideas!! I’d love to hear any others that you babes have as I’m of course still looking for more to start. This time of year is the best and I want it to be jam packed full of memories each year ❤️ Thank you Pottery Barn Kids for sponsoring this post – always been such a lover of their brand and it’s an honor to be working with them for Blair’s first Christmas!!

All my love! Karlie


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