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I was just thinking today how I used to write new blog posts weekly and I miss that SO much! It’s been since before having Blair since I was that consistent and it’s something I want to get back to doing so I can get a little more in depth on different topics and make things EASY for you to find!

Today’s topic, TULA! I’ve been sharing Tula with you all for years. I truly love this brand. They are clean, made with probiotics and superfoods, and work really well. I have TONS of friends who use the entire Tula line and that’s all they use…I personally use several different skincare brands for different things so I don’t use ONLY Tula, but I for sure have some favorites from them that I want to touch on here so you can always find!

All that said, here are my favorites and why! All these things I have used and purchased again and again.


Rose Glow Brightening Eye Balm

I have to start here because I use this EVERY DAY and I look forward to it each morning like I look forward to a cup of coffee haha. They have this same eye balm in blue and pink…I personally like the pink because it has a more rosy tone and also added anti-aging ingredients that the blue doesn’t have. This balm has cooling properties, caffeine to make you feel more awake, aloe to hydrate, etc. So much goodness! This is the last step to my morning skincare routine, before any makeup.

Exfoliating Treatment Mask

This is my first love when it comes to Tula products. I have used this for YEARS. When I say years, I remember getting my first tub of it when Al and I were newlyweds living in my in-law’s basement. So back in 2016! I remember specifically opening and using my first tub of it! It’s a gentle exfoliating mask that detoxes your skin and leaves it smooth and hydrated.

Face Filter Primer

This stuff goes in and out of stock all the time. It’s for sure one of their top sellers! I love it because it has a slight tint so it’s a perfect base for a ‘light makeup’ or ‘no makeup’ day. It has that ‘blurring’ affect so they call it a face filter in a bottle! This stuff is AMAZING for days I don’t want to wear makeup but want a more even face appearance since it tones down redness. It also doesn’t clog your pores!

Cooling and Brightening Hydrogel Masks

Another mask! These are sheet masks and SO hydrating. I love these for a morning mask on a day I want to do a little self care.

Dual Phase Skin Reviving Treatment Pads

To be honest, I used to use these and then totally forgot about them and recently rediscovered! I feel like these are very underrated! These two-sided exfoliating pads leave my skin feeling so smooth and a visibly better skin tone and texture.

Protect + Glow Sunscreen

This is a newer launch of Tula’s and I’ve loved it so far! Very lightweight sunscreen that doesn’t clog your pores. I love the gel-like consistency and it has a great glow in the formula that makes your skin look dewy and sunkissed!

Alright, that’s a wrap up of my favorite products from them! I hope this was helpful and something you can refer back to as needed 🙂


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