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Hi everyone!! I shared this on my Instagram story this week but wanted to give it a permanent spot here so you can always refer back to this post when you have questions about what I use to edit my photos!

Like I said before, I have purchased SO many presets for Lightroom over the years trying to find ones that I love for editing my photos. If you are unfamiliar with what presets are, they are basically a customized filter for your photos that are made by people for the Lightroom app! Photographers have used presets for years and they gained popularity with Instagram and people wanting their photos to all look a certain way. When you buy presets from Nicole, she sends you a file with instructions so you can learn how to download and install them into your Lightroom app!

Putting my discount code now so you don’t order without seeing this! Code KARLIE gets you 20% off all her presets!

Below I’ll share some before/afters that will also say which preset was used. As of now, my favorite of hers is the Stardust package, and a close second is the Dry Shampoo. She has SO many beautiful ones on her website with examples so you can see them. She also sells a ‘Best Sellers Bundle’ that includes a bunch of different ones including both Star Dust and Dry Shampoo so that’s a great option if you want to try several!

A few notes when it comes to editing! If you apply a preset to your photo and it needs a little additional tweaking, a few things I’ll do is adjust the exposure up or down. This often is the only tweak needed! When it comes to your skin tone looking to light or ‘orange’, this can be adjusted if you click ‘color’, then ‘mix’ (top right), then go to orange and adjust the saturation! These are the top 2 things I often will adjust in the Lightroom app before posting if needed! The more you play with the app, the easier it is to use. BUT, what I love about these presets is they often are a one click edit with no adjustments!

Okay, no onto some before and afters!

Hopefully that was helpful and shows an example of what the presets look like on my daily photos! I’ll link all her presets again for you HERE!


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