Our Living Room with Arhaus

Gosh when I say I’m excited that this day is here, I MEAN IT! I first reached out to Arhaus back in January, (of 2021 a whole year ago!!!), a few weeks after we moved out to finish our remodel. It’s been one of my favorite partnerships ever. 

My favorite thing about shopping at Arhaus is taking advantage of their in-house designers that will literally help you completely design your space. This is how I met Mollie, (@molliemakesitpretty), and she completely brought my vision to life! A few words that came to mind when she asked me how I wanted our space to feel were warm, cozy, elevated, & livable. Since this is our actual LIVING space, (where we play, lounge, snack, all the things), I wanted it to feel homey & function well. Mollie chose pieces, allowed me to bounce ideas off her, gave my room a color palette, & even gave us visuals of the design! I’ll show some of those below 🙂

Now onto a few of the specific pieces! First, our Beale sectional that you all know I LOVE. The color we chose is Nomad Snow, & it’s a “white” couch but has subtle, beautiful texture & cream tones. What drew us to this couch was the Crypton performance fabric, which I’ve showed examples of on my story a few times! It is stain proof & we have witnessed that time after time already! They have tons of examples on their Instagram! It’s beautiful, comfortable, and deep; everything you want in your sofa. Next, we customized their Cole Swivel Chairs to get this fun boucle fabric. I love the texture they bring to the room & even though our couch is pretty large, we have gotten so much use out of these chairs! Almost anytime we have guests over they sit there. You can customize any of Arhaus’ furniture so this is when working with a designer is so helpful! They really know all the ins & outs of what can be done. (Customizing takes extra time so just keep that in mind and plan ahead if you can!) We added several tables & a floor lamp to this room and I love how full it made the room feel! I’ll link them all below as well as all the pillows + decor too! 

Working with Arhaus was an absolute dream – I truly fell in love with their products…so much so that Al and I just ordered our entire dining room set from them too, so I can’t wait to share that room next!


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