10 Things You May Not Know About Us

As of yesterday, Al and I have been married for NINE MONTHS. How that went by so fast, I have no idea. I cannot believe that in three months we will be celebrating our one year anniversary!! 

Even though I like to think I am a pretty open book, (I tend to share whatever is on my mind whether it’s in person or writing on my blog), there are probably a lot of things (little, weird, quirky) that you don’t know about Al and I – as a couple and as individuals. With that said, to celebrate 3/4 of a magical year being married, I’m going to share with you guys 10 random facts that you might not know about us. 

1. We are total opposites – which has gotten me to actually believe the whole ‘opposites attract’ saying.

2. Al was a state champion his senior year of high school in the long jump. I did not believe him for the longest time!! He also played basketball, soccer, and golf in high school. I never played any ‘actual sports’ growing up, but I was captain of the cheer team in high school!! And I danced competitively for years and years growing up, I got 2nd at nationals! But no sports. I quit soccer when I was five after getting a soccer ball to the gut and never looked back. Al already says it’s my fault that our kids are gonna be 0% athletic. LOL Oh, and Al also got Athlete of the Year his senior year… Again, we are opposites. 

3. Al is a clean freak and perfectionist. I am not, but I’m trying to learn to be because I so wish I naturally was.

4. We grew up living only 3 miles away from each other, but being that we went to different high schools we didn’t meet until I was 18 and he was 21!!

5. It took 8 months for us to finally become FBO (that’s Facebook official, or in other words for us to publicly announce and admit to ourselves too that we were more than just friends). So for you girls waiting for a guy to actually ask you to be his girlfriend and it’s taking a couple months, THERE IS HOPE!!

6. Al told me he loved me before he actually asked me to be his girlfriend šŸ™‚ He says he knew when I went to the Dominican Republic and left him a ‘living without Karlie survival kit”.  I obviously knew before even that, I told my mom I was gonna marry him after our first date!! (You can seriously ask her this, she brings it up all the time).

7.Our favorite TV show characters – Al’s: “A combination of two. It would be Sandy Cohen (The OC) and Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl). If Chuck Bass was a family man…and responsible. Cause Chuck Bass is just a badass.” This was his response word for word. Mine: Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl – which is obviously our favorite show if you can’t tell) because she is a girl boss, super nosey, and has great taste in men. Aka Chuck Bass.

8. The thing we value most in life (other than God and each other) is family. Alec’s brothers are his best friends and who he works with every single day. We have great relationships with all 6 of our parents (my step parents included of course), we live 5 houses away from my mom and step dad, roughly 20 houses down from his parents, and 25 from one of his brothers – all on the exact same street. We had 22 people in our wedding party, 11 each, and 12 of them so over half, was family. 

9. Our perfect ‘date’ is going to get food. We love going out to eat, it’s our favorite thing to do. You should see us vacation; easily more than three meals a day. But for real, we also love hiking and being outdoors. 

10. Our current ‘bucket list’ travel locations are Australia/New Zealand (we would do those in one trip) and Greece. 


The funny thing about marrying someone who you now spend every day of your whole life with – is you really do learn new things about them ALL THE TIME. Even as we age we change, we grow, and we get to know different parts of each other all over again. I would marry this guy a million times over if I could!! Starting a life with him has been a dream, and I am one happy and blessed girl.

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    this is so cute thanks for sharing šŸ™‚ love this in home shoot!

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