A Few Words For My Valentine + A Galentine’s Look

My Look: Sweater | Denim | Similar Shoes

Bre’s Look: Sweater | Pants | Booties

Photos x Sarah Wolfe

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY LOVES! Whether you are celebrating with your bf/gf, best friend, fiancé, or hubby/wifey, I hope you are spreading some extra love today to the ones you love the most. I am totally one of those people that gets in the Valentine’s spirit, get’s cheesy treats, makes heart-shaped dinner, wears red & pink, and wants to spend a nice intimate evening with my handsome hubs. This year my thoughts originally were to make homemade heart-shaped pizzas and have a ‘at home’ date night with some corny decorations haha! That’s typically what we do every year is make some sort of Valentine’s-themed dinner and just stay home. But when I called him yesterday to make sure he was still in a pizza making mood, he said he was really feeling one of our favorite steak houses instead! No complaints 🙂 So we called and they did have an opening yippee!! (A little earlier than I would have wanted but beggars can’t be choosers right?!) 😅 Of course the first thing that entered my mind was ‘omg now I have to put a real Valentine’s Day outfit together!!!’. Luckily red and pink pieces have been my jam lately so I think I can put something together! 😏

Now, I know that this post comes off a little Galentine’s Day-ish since I took these photos with one of my absolute best friends, Bre, but with it being Valentine’s Day…I did want to take a little time to talk about valentine. ❤

For those of you who are newer here, my sweet, handsome hubby and I got married back in June 2016. I seriously CANNOT believe that it is already 2018 and our 6TH Valentine’s Day together…that seems absolutely wild to me!! Being on this journey of life and love with him is my most favorite thing and I honestly never knew that it would just get better every single day. Looking back, it’s hard to even believe that we are the same people in the same relationship because we have grown together so much these past years. It is truly crazy to have someone who honestly might know you better than you know yourself. I have never met somebody more caring, understanding, LOVING (this is seriously my favorite trait about him I think he might be the most loving man in the world 😭) and patient. Finding him has definitely made me aware of what love is and should be like and how you should not only be treated, but how you should feel when you’re in a relationship or married. My self confidence has growth massively in these past years but he has also humbled me, brought me closer to God, and taught me how to be a good friend, wife, daughter –  really anything you name it. My heart looks forward to growing our lives together, starting our family, seeing new places, but really just the fact that we get to spend every single day together. This guy is absolutely my world and I do not give him enough credit for being the best husband on the planet. If you’re reading this baby, I LOVE YOU MY FOREVER VALENTINE! ❤

I am wishing you all a happy and loved filled day today (and every day)! Special thank you today for all the support you guys have given me over the years and for taking time to read this little life and style diary of mine. Every single one of you mean the world to me! Also, I did tell you guys in my last post that I would always try to let you know the fun places we take photos!! These were taken at Cupcake Royale which is a darling cupcake shop in Seattle (Capitol Hill)! We loved their decorations and didn’t even know they were going to have them when we went there to shoot our Valentine’s outfits so it just worked so perfectly!

All my love!!


Xx, Karlie


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